Automatically Updating Apps On iPhone

Updating iPhone Apps

I’m going to get started with the Invitations and messages section. OK, the first section is called Invitations and messages. Here I’ve turned on Sends you a message. So if someone direct messages me, my LinkedIn app on my iPhone desktop will have the red one on there just to show that I’ve received a message. I’ve turned it off for Invites you to connect and accepts your invitation because I don’t think those things need to send a notification. If I go into the app itself, I’ll still see the notification at the bottom of the screen within the app, but from my phone desktop, I won’t. The next section is Jobs and opportunities. Again, if you’re a job seeker, you’ll probably want these things turned on. I’m not particularly bothered, I could easily have turned these options off.

Next is Activity in your network. I think most of these things are pointless, but if you’re interested in engagement, you know, people liking and commenting on your content, I would very much leave the last option, Shares or engages with a topic turned on. There’s only one option in News and articles, which is the editor’s picks. I didn’t find those very interesting, so I’ve turned that one off. The last option in this section is about Updates from your groups.

I like group discussions, but I find that notifications are very wishy-washy, so I have turned mine on, but they don’t always actually send me notifications. Still, if you get involved in groups, then I would leave these on. That’s all of the Push notifications done. So those are the notifications that you’re seeing from your phone desktop, whether the app lights up or not. But the last section is about On LinkedIn, which is the notifications you see once you’re inside the app, so these are slightly different.

View Settings

We start here by tapping View settings. The first section here is Activity in your network. I’m not bothered by any of these things, apart from engagement, so that’s the top one selected, Activity from your connections. If you scroll down, there’s also an option at the very bottom for Your new followers. When you’re getting started, you might want to know about new followers, so they’re not the same as connections. They’re just people who are, they’re kind of subscribed to see your content, but they’re not directly connected with you, so they can’t send you a direct message, for example. But after a while, if you start having a popular profile, you’ll get a lot of followers, and it doesn’t get a lot of value out of that, so I’ve turned that feature off. The only one I’ve got is that top one, Activity from your connections.

The next section is Activity that involves you. I’m more interested in the things in here, too. Starting with Analytics on your posts, I think this is a pointless thing if you’ve got popular posts. You’ll get a notification if you reach 50 views and then 100 views. Most of my posts get hundreds or sometimes even thousands of views, so I don’t find that useful, so I’ve turned that off. I’m not quite sure about Confirmation of your post ’cause I don’t ever see that when I post something it actually sends me a notification to say you’ve posted something. I think that one’s a bit dubious, but I’ve left that on, anyway. Conversations that mention you, that one’s important. If someone tags you, so they type [email protected] symbol and then your name, and it turns your name blue, you want to be notified about tags, so I definitely would leave that on. Responses to your activity, so if someone’s responding to your likes and comments, you want to know about that. If you post up job updates, I would say also that you want to know about that. I used to have Skill endorsements notifications turned on.


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