? How to Disable Ads ?‍? in Viber on Android, iOS and PC ?

Hello everybody!
In this video, I’m going to show you how
to disable advertising in Viber – both on
your computer
and smartphone.
The annoying ads that call on us to buy all
kinds of goods and services seem to be everywhere
– from commercial newsletters to banners
flashing all over a website.
If you use Viber, see lots of ads and wonder
how to get rid of them – this video will
certainly come in handy.
Advertising banners shown in this messenger
are personalized for every user, and what
is more, they are also bound to your location.
It’s quite easy to disable such content;
all you need is to change some settings.
So, let’s begin.
Disable ads on Android
First of all, let’s find out how to turn
ads off on mobile devices.
For Android-based devices, open Settings,
Google, look for the line “Ads” and open
Enable the slider for “Opt out of Ads Personalization.”
Now open the main settings window, open Apps
and look for Viber.
Go to App permissions, and switch the Location
slider to the left to disable it.
Disable ads on iOS
If you use an iPhone, open Settings / Privacy.
At the bottom of the screen, find the line
“Advertising” And enable “Limit ad tracking.”
Disable ads in Viber
To have as little advertising as possible
in the messenger itself, take your smartphone,
open Viber, tap Settings / Calls and messages
and disable the option “Receive business
It should reduce the number of Viber ads considerably.
Disable ads on PC
If you use Viber for PC and you notice ads
appearing in the lower left corner, under
the list of contacts, it can be removed too.
All you need is to modify the file “hosts.”
To do it, follow this path:
C / Windows / System32 / drivers / etc
Inside the folder you will see this file.
Open it for editing as Administrator – otherwise,
you won’t be able to save the changes you
will make.
So, use the search field to open Notepad as
Now click File / Open and specify the path
to the file.
C / Windows / System32 / drivers / etc, and
select the file; if you don’t see it, select
“All files” and “Open.”
Copy the following addresses to the file.
You can find the full list of addresses in
the description below this video.
Now press the key shortcut Ctrl+S, or click
File / Save.
Before saving, exit Viber.
After the file is saved, start the messenger
and check if any ads are displayed now.
That’s all!
As you can see, removing ads from Viber is
quite easy, though not always effective.
If the last method didn’t work, the developers
might have introduced some changes to the
app so you may need to add new ad server addresses
to the file “hosts.”
As the app gets updated, we will try to update
the list of these servers too, or you can
find it elsewhere on the web.
Just in case you know other ways of removing
ads from this messenger, we’d be happy to
read about them in your comments under this
That’s all for now!
I hope this video was useful for you.
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