10 Ways Mac OS is just BETTER

LINUS: We asked you our faithful community why you think Mac OS is the bomb.
And we compiled this list of the 10 ways that Mac OS really is just plain better.
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Number one is a big one: The ecosystem that apple has created.
I mean, the fact that you could have your phone, laptop, desktop, and even a watch and then have your data, documents, photos
I mean even copy paste or open websites
just move seamlessly from one to the other via handoff and iCloud
is so cool that I can almost forgive apple for calling it “magical”.
iMessage is closely realted, but came up specifically a lot in your comments.
Being able to text and call from any of your devices was a standout feature for many of you
and, yet another cool one that’s coming up in the upcoming build of Mac OS Catalina is approve with Apple Watch.
Which lets you authenticate by clicking your watch, instead of typing in your password.
Another part of the ecosystem that results in “it just works” or “its magic”
Is the first party peripherals. They all just work.
With little to no initial setup, and have the great feel and functionality that almost make them must-haves.
Finally, we can’t forget about AirDrop.
Apple’s wireless file beaming solution that kinda sorta makes up for the inability to get certain files off an iPhone over USB.
Kind of.
Number two: easy navigation and organization.
Mission Control, Apple’s visual app manager lets you see what you have open, as well as create virtual desktops.
Having multiple desktops is great when you have only a single screen looking at you Macbooks.
But, you need to keep multiple applications or even multiple workspaces organized with only a single swipe needed to
swich between them. Speaking of swiping apples trackpads are freaking amazing
I’ve said it before a lot but Apple has nailed the trackpad in every way.
Feel, functionality and especially the gestures the most amazing thing about Apple’s gestures
isn’t that they exist or how much you can do with them. I mean, there’s lots of gestures on Windows, too.
It’s just that they’re intuitive enough that people will actually use them.
Number Three is Spotlight, a quick Command + Space bar allows you to find just about anything on your Mac or anywhere else
Need directions to the nearest restaurant? Easy. Forgot where you put your master’s thesis due Monday? Bam. Spotlights’ found it.
That recipe is in metric and all your baking supplies are Imperial. Poof. Convert it.
It’s a great tool and it’s ultra fast!
Number four is the ready to run experience.
I mean,
There are very few things that an average user would need to install to be able to deal with most work or casual situations
Garage Band, iMovie, and Photos are already included to help your simple creative projects get started. And, Apple
includes their basic but functional productivity suite for free while Windows can’t even open a PowerPoint
until you install separate software.
Another big inclusion is Apple’s Preview.
It’s an PDF Viewer, it’s an image file converter, it slices it dices it, even lets you preview
video files in Finder, and fill out forms and sign them too.
Number five is BootCamp.
Got a Windows laptop and one around a Mac app?
You’re plumb out of luck. But on the flip side, every Mac can be a Windows or Linux machine.
Now there are obvious uses for this like if you’re a developer and you want to check compatibility.
Or if you want to fire up the odd game.
But, ultimately, the way people use it boils down to the individual user,
and there’s no doubt that it gives a lot of extra flexibility to Mac users. Number six is “it just works”
but specifically for developers.
We must have a lot of developers in our audience because there was a VERY vocal group that pointed out,
to the point where,
we just couldn’t ignore it that Mac OS is based on UNIX.
Specifically a highly modified version of BSD now to be fair,
this is much more of a technical feature
so, not everyone would agree or even understand that it’s important.
But, it does have implications that do benefit
both expert level users, and more casual / average ones at a very high level.
Developers and system administrators love UNIX because they can dig deep into the OS and have a clear understanding of what’s happening.
For average users, the benefit is the stability that comes from such a solid foundation.
Another thing our developer fans brought up is Xcode: Apple’s integrated development environment.
It’s used to develop for Apple’s entire lineup of operating systems.
So whether you’re working on software for a Mac computer or the Apple watch,
Xcode allows developers to harness the power of each systems hardware and create compelling apps that fall in line without those stringent guidelines.
Number Seven:
Exclusives aren’t
Exclusive to gaming consoles and Mac OS has a fair few of its own.
Logic Pro has been one of the standards in the music industry for years. Alongside Pro Tools another digital audio workstation or DAW
Logic Pro is preferred by many professionals because it doesn’t rely on third party vendors to provide core functionality or even music samples.
This makes it easier for pros who might have to move around from
workstation or studio to studio to slide into the chair and get going right away.
Parallels is another exclusive that lets you have much of the functionality of bootcamp by enabling you to run Windows or Linux
without even shutting down your Mac OS operating system
Now, that other operating system will be virtualized. So there is a performance penalty.
But, if all you care about is let’s say running the Windows version of Microsoft Office
It’ll do you just fine.
The big one though, of course is Final Cut Pro.
As a video editing suite it is loved by professionals and amateurs alike for its fast rendering,
and it’s smooth workflow, and it remains to this day, a key purchase consideration for creative types.
Number Eight: Accessories. Want to personalize all the stuff you own so you can be your own unique unicorn?
Well, you can do that. And, if you’re more of a pragmatic type, you’re covered there, too.
Stands, dongles, docks, cases, you name it!
You can probably find it for your Mac because Apple has a smaller, more focused product line
It’s easier, and in many cases, more
cost-effective for third parties to support which leads to a ton of options for consumers.
Number nine is that Apple products cost more, and believe it or not? I’m actually not joking with you guys
Apple has made a lot of noise in recent years about how the product is the product instead of the customer being the product.
But they really do walk the walk for the most part.
When’s the last time Apple tried to cram their crappy web browser down your throat so they can collect more of your data to sell?
When have they served you an ad when you went to launch a program?
They haven’t. So, for many users, the idea of paying the Apple tax up front
in exchange for the peace of mind of knowing that they can
actually turn off all of the OS-level telemetry and data collection is a sound investment.
Finally, Number 10:
Now this one is sure to spark some debate in the comments,
but guys hear me out for a moment. If your Mac fails, Time machine, it’s flippin’ awesome!
You set it up once and you can basically forget about it, until
you need it and it’s there to get you back up and running,
Furthermore, Apple’s versions feature, which allows access to previous versions of documents and files makes it an even greater asset to both
professionals, and average users.
Speaking of god-sent, updates! Back when I was daily driving an iMac,
sometimes I didn’t even notice that my computer got an update. I’d come in in the morning and everything my apps my desktop it was
just untouched.
Exactly where I left it. And in true Apple magic fashion, when an update happens
Time Machine, if you haven’t set up even makes a back up ahead of time, you know, just in case.
Now, we’re not blossom over Apple’s reliability scandals,
there have been quite a few, but this video is about the ten reasons that you guys love your Macs and
with the kind of response that we got from our community,
Apple clearly has been doing something right for so many of you to want to purchase their products.
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100 Replies to “10 Ways Mac OS is just BETTER”

  1. Nope, I will never do Mac. Will never use one or consider any of their overpriced, fragile, terribly trained "geniuses", underpowered and frustrating products again. Its a stupid cult product.

  2. Windows: I use the mouse if I can.
    Mac: What's a mouse? Do I need it?

    The bluetooth mouse that I specifically bought for my MacBook is now mostly deadweight. Just because the trackpad is too good.

  3. Filesystem encryption out of the box. Most people own the Win10 Home Edition so no BitLocker for them unless they pay the $200. Filevault is easy to enable (System Preferences->Security & Privacy->FileVault). So, if your Win 10 Laptop with Home Edition gets stolen, the robber owns you, your identity, your data and everything in between.

  4. I want to switch to Windows but I'm still on Mac. I don't want to be, but while Windows has gotten MUCH better, it's not near MacOS yet.

  5. Allot of these reasons are exactly why I can not bring myself of stepping away from a mac! I'm only a amateur but avid drummer, and Logic Pro X is just a joy and barely to any lag or delay. Whilst recording

  6. I spent a lot of money buying Windows OS 🙁 I had much problems with drivers, updates and so on. Now I use MacOS and I'm happy 🙂 No problems anymore.

  7. MacOS be like: Ok there's a new software update that I think you should install. i'll wait until you tell me what to do. or you can just turn off auto-update.

    Windows be like (this happened to me at school while trying to print off homework for the next lesson): Oi. there's a new security patch that needs to be installed. ill give you 10 seconds to make up your mind or ill just restart and install [my school computers are shit and the mouse lagged over to the cancel button and it restarted]

    I use a Mac btw

  8. Because of stuff like this I get bullied at school for having an android. What if your just to poor to buy a 1000 dollar phone

  9. Me as a computer engineer and app designer Windows is better to use with hardware and windows is more optimized to run different codes. Mac OS is for lazy people, MAC os is completely broken to install an unknown hardware drivers

  10. Ay…ay…ay! At 1:52 he says that you can create virtual desktops in Macbook, but you can also create virtual desktops in windows too!

  11. 1. It's not

    2. It's not

    3. It's not

    4. It's not

    5. It's not

    6. It's not

    7. It's not

    8. It's not

    9. It's not

    10. It's really, really not

  12. The only part about iOS that sucks is that apple charges other companies to run a store. So, therefore, you can't buy a book through the Amazon Kindle app. Shame on Apple. Google doesn't do this with apps on Android.

  13. I just installed Mac os mojave on my dell. I haven't been using it for two days but I already love it. Everything is strait forward, no ads, easy to work with, and even let's me to see how things work behind the scene. Almost feels like open source

  14. Apple stores should be close to this list. Being able to have things serviced locally can be great as well as fairly competent support.

  15. While I was using Win I had to reinstall the system every two months or so. Now I still use my computer(iMac) like a maniac, but it never breaks, I don't even turn it off for months, works like a champ.

  16. Can definitely vouch for the reliability. My 2013 macbook pro still works like new, at least a few more years to go. The new update is a fresh lease of life too 👍🏼

  17. I have a question, I play Sims almost every day, I have all the extra pack and even some mods. I'm looking to buy a new laptop because my MacBook from 2012 is getting worse everyday. I have used macOS since 2012 and I really fancy it. I like PC and windows as well but so far it hasn't spoken to me. So I wonder if you play the Sims 4 with extra packs a lot, having some mods, watching YouTube and Netflix and writing texts and novels almost evert day, should you go for a MacBook Pro 13 inch 2019 with 16GB RAM 128 storage, same model but with 256 storage it is I believe or the Razer Blade 15. Please help me haha

  18. How is nobody talking about the fact that you can send full quality videos through imessage instead of the pixelated mess that android phones send. This is coming from an android owner…

  19. At least in Catalina, Apple actually does prompt you whether you want to try out Safari again, but it is still really Privacy focused with the features that block Trackers from tracking you.

  20. Mac is better, much better. Have been using Windows all my life. And it's a pain in the a$$ . 98, XP,7,10. They're all garbage. Shitty updates and unreliable OS. They start lagging after sometime. Using macOS since Snow Leopard. Have never felt the need to take a backup before update or worry about an update bricking my device. Like the infamous October 2018 Windows 10 update. And my advice to all you windows fanboys. It's about to get a lot worse with windows now since they're using insiders to test their shitty builds. They don't even know what implications their shitty OS updates might have on a variety of hardware configurations because instead of software engineers, they're using virtual machines to test out their builds. Its an ugly mess. And precisely i have more important things in life rather than worrying about a goddamn software update screwing my laptop. 21 years of owning computers, 9 of owning a mac. Never shifting back to Windows. Don't get me wrong, i love the look of windows 10 and was really excited to try it out when it came but I'm sorry to say the last stable version of windows 10 was 1803. Everything after that is complete garbage be it 1809 or 1903. They're all just plain unreliable. If i have to wait years to update to the latest version of the most popular OS in the world fearing something bad would happen to my laptop if i rush through and update, i guess its time to look elsewhere. I'm better off using a different OS altogether. Don't even get me started on the material design inconsistencies. And i have a windows 10 pro license. Can anyone explain why after every update i have games installed?? Am i a test subject to Microsoft? Why does Microsoft keep installing adware and junk after every update? Why is it called pro if Microsoft is forcefully installing games and junk on it?? That's the main reason i ditched Windows for macOS and don't ever intend to return to Windows. It's just plain unreliable.

  21. Another way MacOS is BETTER than Windows: Accessibility.

    I used a program called ZoomText to help me see the screen on my windows laptop.

    I’m in college and the Windows laptop was moderately powerful too, ZoomText is so glitchy on ZoomText 10.1, so I upgraded to ZoomText 2018, still lags and slows the laptop. Since I need a laptop, I bought a pre owned 2014 MacBook Air for $300, I’m never going back to Windows. The laptop and software was provided by the state of Texas, and I’ve reported the issues many times, zero help.

    ZoomText ran on the laptop (Dell Inspiron 15 inch 5568 model) fine for a while then started going bad. ZoomText is $600 give or take the version you buy, magnification only or magnification + Speech.

    ACCESSIBILITY is Apple’s superpower. I had an Android before, knew I should be on iPhone for accessibility, so when I could afford it, I bought an iPhone. I was gifted an iPad twice (iPad with Retina and IPad 5th gen).

    Apple is accessibility at its finest.

    NEVER going back to Windows for personal use, but if I have to for work, I’ll adapt.

    -a visually impaired user

  22. I use Windows for home but a mac for school
    LITERALLY everything is more intuitive, fluid, easier and productive on Mac OS
    and as dumb as Siri is she is at least 3 years ahead of Cortana and i sometimes actually use it
    AirDrop when doing a group project is just unarguably magical and saves literally 20 mins of my day and it is one of those features you always needed and wanted and now that you have it you cant live without it useful for quickly sharing notes and powerpoints
    BTW i really dislike IOS but MacOS is really where its at when it goes to productivity
    Only thing that windows in my opinion is at least 5 years ahed of mac (for school and productivity in mind) is autocorrect the Mac OS one is truly horrible i am pretty sure Linux does it better and microsoft actually concurred that field since windows XP
    But foe my underpowered macbook air 999$ was all worth it especially that is is so well optimised that it feels faster than most PCs at the same price when it goes to navigating the UI and the design and lightness is better than ANY PC i have ever seen
    and oh ya in our exams we can only use dictionary so the force click on a word to open up the definition IS GOING TO HELP ME A LOT in the coming year

  23. I have moved away from everything apple except mac. I love mac os and it seems like a much more polished system than windows…

  24. As someone who switched from Windows to Mac, I definitely prefer Mac. Some things are confusing at first, but there are a lot of pros. The ability to have multiple desktops at once without any CPU issues, the file system (which I struggled with at first) is actually pretty powerful, Airdrop allows you to send and receive information locally very very quickly, spotlight allows you to search anything you need if you’ve maybe forgotten where it’s located, etc.

  25. The only thing keeping me away from a macbook is just the fact that I like the Windows OS look more, I'm not as big of a fan of macOS, otherwise I'm sure I'd love everything else.

  26. Every windows laptop I’ve ever had has had shit battery life and slow, whether $500 or $1000. About to make my first Mac purchase.

  27. I have both, a Windows PC build and a Mac. Both have pros and cons.

    Windows gives me more control over the entire computer, the fact that I was able to build it is huge, while Mac simply runs smoothly from the day that you bring it home after purchasing it.

    I’m a hands-on so Windows simply fits that. I get to trouble shoot, update, etc. I get to take ownership of my Windows PC…….and it’s so much cheaper to buy!

    If you like things to just work from the get-go and don’t want to bother getting your hands dirty then Mac is for you.

  28. Having previously been a Windows user, I've had a MacBook Pro for 8 years now and I would NEVER go back to Windows. (The Mac is just Sooooo much better)

  29. after 9 years of Using macos, i'm ditching it, well it is more that it ditched me, run an update and it killed the SSD. So I bought a Thinkpad x1e2 and i'm installing Linux in it. Both Windows & Macos proprietary crap is absolutely garbage. No amount of airdrop or the ecosystem can compensate for every other asshole thing apple does.

    Now, I'm a software developer so most of the reasons why people prefer Apple or Windows sound idiotic to me. I don't need most of the software used by most of the people. All the software I want runs better in Linux, like emacs.

  30. But…… All the Microsoft annoying features can be disabled in the Registry. But Microsoft are a real pain in the a** sometimes

  31. Nice video! Just want to add that the 'Windows' key on PC is equivalent to 'Spotlight' on Mac. Not a very well known feature but it actually works really well for internal and external search. Just hit the key and start typing….

  32. I would rather daily drive Windows Vista than mac os, and I had to use Vista from 2008-2016 because my parents refused to let me upgrade the pc to 7.

    Edit: typo

  33. Do you use a Mac, like, I don't mean sometimes, like for testing, I mean as your Go To. Cuz all this time I've been watching and your videos indicate otherwise? I'm so confused 😕

  34. The price is worth it. I mean, I bought a $1200 windows laptop but I still experienced the inconveniences, which makes the hardware superiority meaningless. So, for me, paying a little bit more, for a similar performance but a much more convenient experience is worth it.

  35. Windows has multiple desktops as well. Ctrl+Win+D Opens a new desktop, and Ctrl+Win+[Left/Right] switches between them. Ctrl+Win+F4 Closes the active desktop. Win+Tab opens the "Task View" menu.

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