what up everyone welcome back to my
channel so if you are an office fan then you will understand how crazy I am about
this hoodie I just got in the mail today got it off Amazon so pretty stoked
alright so today I wanted to talk about the top apps that are going to help you
kill it on Instagram so there are three in particular that I am referring to so
let’s get it let’s go alright so the first app that I’m obsessed with is
called unfold it is amazing for stories So if you go to a restaurant and you have a
bunch of pictures that you want to share but you don’t want to post 20 or 30
stories you can use unfold to create beautiful collages for your stories or
for your Instagram posts it’s very easy to use so there’s a variety of different
layouts that you can choose from some are free and some are paid it’s not
terribly expensive I think it’s like a dollar twenty nine for some of the
different themes so I’m just gonna choose one of the layouts and choose two
random pictures that I have on the top of my gallery so you can change the
color of the background, you can add stickers you can also change the text. They offer a lot of
customization options once you’re done with that you can download it and choose
to share it on your Instagram stories or within an actual post on your feed
so you can get really creative and it amps up your Instagram story game tenfold.
So obviously what is Instagram without your editing apps as you know I am a
huge fan of snapseed so I always have my handy-dandy Snapseed app available when
I’m editing photos for posting on Instagram. I also use facetune sometimes
if I need something whitened or if I have a huge pimple that I just want to
get rid of. Tessa also has an app that allows you to kind of mimic her editing
style there’s also Lightroom mobile which is
good as well or picsart. So whatever editing app that you find useful have
that ready. Alright so the third app that I wanted to mention is something that
I’ve talked about in one of my IG stories it’s called snow. I use it mainly
to edit videos really quick for my Instagram so it’s really simple once you
import your video you can add a variety of different effects so this is a VCR
one and then there’s also this one you can also add a filter on top depending on
what type of mood you’re feeling that day. You can add music on top of it and
it gives you the option to trim your video you can fastforward it you can slow
it down snow also provides picture editing options as well but I mainly use
it for video. So those are my top three favorite apps for Instagram as a bonus I
use AZ screen recorder to edit all of my snapseed editing tutorials. Anytime you need to
screen record your phone that’s a really good app for you to use. Alright that was it
I’m pretty basic when it comes to the apps that I use but if you have some of
your favorites I would love to know because I’m always discovering new apps
so like this video if you’re an office fan or you’re just a fan of my hoodie and if
you want more tutorials like this comment below if there are other apps
that you love and obviously if you haven’t subscribed then what is you
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upcoming videos and I will see you guys next time bye


  1. Before today, I was using paid apps (like a chud!) and even they aren't as good as this list of FREE ones that you just provided. Not only do you save me time with your awesome tutorials, but now I will also save tons of money!!! * looks up the release date of the next yeezys cause now I can finally afford them with all these savings *
    BTW, "The Office" is the best bro! THE BEST!a

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