3 of the Best Free VST Instrument Plugins 2019

if you’re looking for some inspiration
for your music production ideas you may
just need to add a new VST instrument or
also known as a virtual instrument
plugin don’t want to spend any money
great because today I’m looking at some
of the best free VST plugins available
in 2019 specifically virtual instrument
plugins keep watching as I check out
this free recording software for home
studio musicians welcome to simple green
tech I’m Radio zane and on this channel
I do audio tech tips tutorials and
reviews to help you unleash your
creativity today I’m going to be looking
at free recording software for home
studio musicians this is the three best
free VST plugins available in 2019
specifically looking at the best free
instrument plugins links to all of the
VST instruments mentioned in this video
are in the description below so today
I’ll be looking at one virtual drum
plugin and two virtual synth plugins and
I just want to say that the word best is
just an opinion and this is my opinion
of three of the best virtual instruments
that are available right now you might
use other ones that are best for you and
in fact let me know in the comments
below which free VST instruments you use
alright let’s look at the first virtual
synth plug-in on the list this one is
Native Instruments Kontakt player and in
order to install contact player you must
first install the native instruments
access software it’s a free download
from their site and once you install the
access software you’ll be able to
download Kontakt player and some of the
Kontakt player instruments there are
also some other effects that you can
download in there too Kontakt player is
kind of like a host for instruments that
are designed to work with it and there
are a lot out there but if you’re going
to grab some of the other third-party
instruments be sure that their Kontakt
player compatible as some are only
compatible with the full version of
Kontakt you actually get a few contact
libraries for free these are the
instruments within Kontakt and each one
of these libraries has some instruments
that all sound great and each of these
instruments also
has presets so you’re really getting a
wide variety of sounds with this one
free VST instrument let’s have a look at
how Kontakt player works and how some of
the instruments sound so that was
Kontakt player if you’re just getting
started in home studio recording and you
want to instantly add some great
instruments to your DAW download Kontakt
player next up on our free VST
instrument plug-in list is an acoustic
drum plugin and if you’ve watched any of
my tracktion t7 tutorials you’ve likely
heard me talk about this plug-in before
its MT powered drum kit 2 this is a
decent sounding acoustic drum set that
also includes quite a few grooves let’s
look at some of the features and some of
the grooves so you can see and hear it
for yourself
as you can see mt power drumkit 2 should
be a must for any home studio musician
that wants acoustic drum sounds quickly
easily and free the final plugin on my
best free VST instrument plug-in list is
synth master player free you can
download this free instrument from
plug-in boutique the link is in the
description below and like contact
player synth master player free is a
slimmed down version of a bigger
instrument however this slimmed down
version comes with over 500 presets and
it’s a really great sounding instrument
it’s designed for the home studio
musician that’s more comfortable with
finding a preset that they like and
rolling with it you can still edit the
sounds to make them your own if you like
that too but they just tried to focus on
an easy user experience so let’s give
some of the presets a listen
and that’s synth master player free it’s
a great sounding instrument let me know
in the comments below if you decide to
download any of these instruments and
which ones you like also like I said
before let me know if there’s an
instrument that I didn’t mention in this
video click this video up here to see my
top 5 free daw pics and click this one
down here to see what YouTube recommends
thank you so much for watching if you
like this video please give it a thumbs
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one for simple green tech I’m Radio zane
and we’ll talk soon

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  1. After you watch this Free VST instrument video check out my audio recording software playlist here ► http://bit.ly/AudioRecording-Playlist

  2. Thanks for the video, Zane. For more complex standalone apps like Kontakt Player, how can I use them properly within Tracktion? Would I just need to move the folder (and dll) to my main VST folder that I scan for Tracktion? I assume at that point I would just assign them as any VST to a track and run with it, right?

  3. Yeah brother I need your help I don't have enough money to buy fl studio so you can please tell which free DAW will be good for me ? Please.

  4. Excellent channel my friend! Enjoyed this video a lot and wanted to say congrats on almost 2.5K! I saw your comment on Brian G's vid today! 🙂

  5. Native instruments has a huge free bundle right now with over 2000 sounds that also includes the free kontact instruments you highlighted here. Great bundle. However some are very CPU heavy so if you only have a 6 gig ram, you may want to freeze your melodies to prevent CPU overload.

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