5 Best Travel Apps for 2017

I’m gonna try little bit different format for this video today I’m gonna answer some questions that people sometimes message me and I’m gonna call this “Tips from Abroad” Today I’m gonna go over my recommendations for the best apps you need for going traveling. #5 is an app called MAPS.ME If you’re traveling outside the country you probably don’t have cell service and you still need a map to get you around and MAPS.ME will let you download a full countries map and you can use it anywhere it’s not quite as polished as Google Maps but it’ll work anywhere, it’s driving around a new country #4 is an app called TripIt you said to me to read all your e-mails that have travel information, and it’ll scan those emails and create a nice itinerary for you so now you’re on the road, you’ve gotta flight, hotel, whatever… you can the app it will tell you what time everything is and what your confirmation numbers are, and makes it really easy to stay organized on the road #3 is an app called the Rome2Rio Rome2Rio is the easiest way to find out what your options are for getting between two locations. Say you’re in Paris and you’re trying to meet your friend Mika in Berlin Rome2Rio will tell you that the shortest ways to take a flight, the cheapest way is take a bus, or you might wanna take a train instead they’ll give you what times everything leaves at and link you to the booking site One of the biggest struggles when you’re traveling is finding a good Internet connection that’s we’re #2 comes in, it’s called WiFi map and it’s basically a giant database of WiFi passwords everywhere in the world it’s so convenient when you’re in a new city it will show you where all the hot spots are and what the password for their networks are Finally, #1 is my favorite Google product, it’s Google Photos Google Photos has a ton of cool features like automatic movie creation and a great search feature, but the most important reason to use Google photos to back up your pictures. I’ve met a few people who lost their phones or cameras, and they lose all their memories so definitely use Google Photos to backup all your pictures get the app for your computer too to back up the pictures you take on your camera. Let me know if you like this kind of video and I’ll make a few more now I gotta go grab my flight!

9 Replies to “5 Best Travel Apps for 2017”

  1. Cool tips! Have you tried the 10things app? It offers city guides by local chefs, DJs, designers and bloggers. Check: www.get10things.com

  2. This really brilliant. Awesome suggestions. I used three of these apps and I've already downloaded the other two. Brilliant

  3. Thanks for the great list of travel apps. I’m already using some of them. Other helpful apps are:

    A scan translator, perfect for menus, signs in airports and stations etc.

    A voice translator


  4. I just got this app Jetzy. I use it while traveling to get recommendations for cool local restaurants and things to do directly from the local people. It could be something to check out! Here is the link http://bit.ly/downloadjetzy.

  5. bro i have been traveling full time for 3 months now and i absolutely love this video because it is so useful! thanks for the great tips and if your ever in Asia let me know! subbing for sure

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