Access All Start Menu Apps From One Folder in Windows 10

It’s to easy to access all your start menu
apps from one shortcut so just right click on the desktop and select the option you and
then shortcut and after that what you’re required to enter this menu will be open so just enter
the command Explorer shell app folder and then after click on the next and now name
it whatever he wants to name it so it’s a going to be as cold as CEO for me just want
to make the a****** but whatever name that he wants to do it you can do it and maybe
it will be ask for the administrator administrator from so when it it will ask for administrator
so just allow it and after that it’s going to be in one folder so if you now open this
one edition here now I have all the apps that’s I installed in my PC I am now I am able to
access with only one folder I have nothing to go anywhere I am just I am able to click
here and I am able to access the entire app in the single app folder so hope you like
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