Advance Your Tax Career With USF’s Graduate Tax Program

[MUSIC PLAYING] Tax issues come up all the time. Whether your field is
family law, criminal law, or corporate law, your
clients will face tax issues. That makes this an important
degree for you to have. The LLM tax program
is specifically for attorneys and JD students. The LLM program has
absolutely made it easier to have a conversation with your
clients about technical issues. You’ve taken your partnership
classes, and corporate classes, and estate planning
classes, and so you have the baseline to work with. The masters of legal studies and
tax program is for accountants. CPAs, and financial
professionals. I had a lot of
accounting experience. I took my CPA exams,
got my license after working here for a
year, and learning taxation through work experience. But in terms of tax concepts,
it wasn’t really as solid as I would like it to be,
which is why this program has been really great. Both the LLM and MLST students
sit in the same classroom, either on ground
or online, which makes for a very dynamic
learning and teaching environment. It was really convenient. The classes were
all held downtown. It’s easy to either leave
the office a little bit early to go to
class or go at night after the workday is over. The USF LLM and tax program
has given me that background to best inform my clients and
to make sense of the tax world, so to speak. We admit students all year long. Both of our degrees
require 24 units, and we permit a transfer
credit for 12 units of tax courses taken
either in your JD program or as part of your
undergraduate degree. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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