After Effects Tutorial – Realistic Motion Blur Using After Effects Built-in Plugins

Hey everybody it’s Ruan here from Tunnelvizion TV and today I’m going to show you guys how to create some realistic motion blur using After Effects. Right so I’m using After Effects CS6 and I’m just going to import a clip quickly and there we go. And if I drag this into a new composition you will see that I shot this at quite a high shutter speed. I think it was about 250 if I remember correctly. So what we are going to do is add some motion blur to the car and a really easy way to do this is use the effect timewarp. So go to your effects and just type in timewarp and then drag that onto your clip. And then basically what you want to do is you want to set the speed to 100 because we don’t really want to change the speed of that clip and then go down and click on enable motion blur and then change this to manual and then I am going to use the 180 degree angle for this shutter samples. So I am just going to quickly ram preview this. I am not going to ram preview the whole section but as you can see it’s looking much better. I know you get some 3rd party plugins that will do this for you as well but obviously this comes with After Effects – its free, well it comes with After Effects and After Effects is not free but as you can see we do get some artefacts if I scrub through here you can see the road is actually getting blurred here as well and an easy way to fix that will be just to duplicate your footage. Let’s remove timewarp from the top layer and then just draw a quick mask around this section and then maybe just feather that a bit maybe about 10. And that will get rid of some of the artefacts if that happens. Now also a good way to use this plugin is if you are doing some 3d work and you have rendered like a 3d scene that you are going to incorporate into your live action footage you can use this plugin to create some motion blur on your 3d objects to match you actual live action footage. Which I think is really really cool. Right I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial if you like it please subscribe if you want to see more and you can follow me on twitter thats @ruanlotter – see you guys next time.

27 Replies to “After Effects Tutorial – Realistic Motion Blur Using After Effects Built-in Plugins”

  1. I love time warp and use it a lot but the only downside is it takes FOREVER to render 😛 But hey, like you said, its free

  2. @TunnelvizionTV Great tutorial! I'm looking for a way to 'soften' a super detailed moving image. It doesn't seem like this would work well for motion blurring something like a 'steady cam' image though. This kind of blur effect is good to know though. Maybe a combination of soft timewarp effect and a slight gaussian blur on a 4k video will render smoothly. Time to experiment!

  3. Timewarp — schit
    СС Force Motion Blur — the best
    rsmb motion blur plugin — best of the best

  4. Hey Tunnelvizion, we featured your video in our roundup on Motion Blur techniques. Check it out here –

  5. This works a treat thankyou, I just increased the shutter samples to reduce the stepping. Who needs the additional expense of a third party plugin?

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