Anite Virtual Drive Testing Toolset – An Overview

Virtual Drive Testing Toolset
Real-world, automated performance testing of mobile devices and network infrastructure
in the laboratory to accelerate product rollouts. Leading mobile operators and equipment manufacturers
face a growing challenge to quickly and cost-effectively deploy new mobile devices and infrastructure
equipped with more features and more technologies. These challenges intensify the need for a
future-proof test solution that efficiently benchmarks mobile devices and network infrastructure
to assess an end-user’s experience of accessing mobile applications. Anite’s Virtual Drive Testing Toolset streamlines
the performance and interoperability testing process from early R&D evaluation through
to field drive testing and optimisation. The solution uses data captured in the field
to build tests that replay drive or indoor test routes by emulating real-word RF network
conditions in a controlled laboratory environment. Virtual drive testing helps mobile operators
cost-effectively and reliably benchmark and test interoperability of devices and real
networks prior to deployment. They also use the toolset to identify and resolve issues
found in the field. Network equipment manufacturers use Virtual
Drive Testing Toolset to verify the performance of their network infrastructure in combination
with mobile devices under real-world wireless propagation scenarios. Device and chipset manufacturers use virtual
drive testing to reduce costly field trials by verifying new technology features under
realistic network conditions before deploying engineers into the field. Virtual Drive Testing Toolset uses field data
derived from drive test logs to build virtual test routes that mimic specific end-user scenarios.
Its powerful script and device automation capability allows these routes to be repeated
for different use case scenarios. The toolset performs comprehensive analysis
and displays results in intuitive graphs and maps. Comprehensive analysis capabilities offer
data visualisation reports that are fully customisable with a wide range of data views
for instant feedback on performance KPIs. To create Virtual Drive Testing Toolset, Anite
has used its channel emulation and network measurement expertise to seamlessly integrate
its Propsim F32 channel emulator and Nemo drive test tools. Anite’s virtual drive test solution allows
users to alternatively deploy a simulated network by integrating the Anite 9000 advanced
network simulator. The ready-to-run performance and interoperability
test case packages further accelerate evaluation. Virtual Drive Testing Toolset cost-effectively
bridges the gap between lab and field testing by using Anite’s realistic RF and network
emulation technology to verify the end-user experience. When customers expect more from mobile devices,
Anite helps you deliver.

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