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Hey I’m JR, and I’m here to talk to you
today about Apple CarPlay. I’ve been using Apple CarPlay in my truck for a
few years, and it recently got an update from Apple so it’s gotten even better,
and I’d like to show you all the ways Apple CarPlay helps you integrate your
phone with your driving experience in the best and safest way possible. There’s
actually been a recent update to Apple CarPlay. Now this is my phone, it’s a new
phone running the newest version of Apple’s iOS software. I have an older
phone here which will use the older version of CarPlay. I’d like to show
you the differences from the older CarPlay to the newer CarPlay, so I’m just
gonna switch it real quick here on the radio so we can see what Apple CarPlay has looked like for the past several years. So this is the home screen of
Apple CarPlay. It’s looked like this basically since CarPlay was released out
to the public, and it’s pretty great. It shows you all the information on your
phone, the apps you’ve recently accessed, and you’ve got a couple screens full of
apps that you can get to, so music listening apps, navigation apps, your
phone, your text messages, books, podcasts, all of that stuff, very easily accessible
from the touchscreen of your radio. And if you’re used to using an Apple phone,
it looks and feels like you would expect it to because Apple designed the CarPlay software, and as great as it looks the new version of CarPlay looks and works
way better. So i’m going to switch it back now to my newer phone
so we can see the improvements we get with Apple’s new version of CarPlay. So
as you can see, the screen looks a little bit different. In fact, it’s lighter with
a lighter background, instead of a darker background. That’s actually something you
can adjust on the newer CarPlay. You can actually go to a settings menu. This did
not exist previously in CarPlay, and it’s setting specifically for this CarPlay
radio in this vehicle. You can turn on “do not disturb” while driving so you’re not
barraged with text messages and such while you’re driving, you can change the
appearance so it adjusts automatically with this lighter background to a darker
background which looks more like CarPlay has looked for the last several
years. I’m gonna switch it back to automatic so that it responds to the
daylight. It knows when I’ve turned the headlights on and off, and the radio will
go light during the day where it looks a little bit easier to see in the sun, and
at night it’ll be dark so it’s not blinding you while you’re driving at
night. As we go back to the home screen there’s a couple other things on CarPlay
that didn’t use to exist, like the calendar. If you use the calendar on your
iPhone you’ll be able to see the events on your calendar right here in the
calendar app on CarPlay. You can’t go in and interact with it or add new events
or edit or change anything, you can simply see what you’ve got going on
today at a quick glance back on the home screen. One of the most exciting things
about CarPlay is a new split view, and you can get there by either swiping left
to get to the split screen, or at any point you can click this button right
here and it takes you to a split screen. So on the left we have Apple Maps, and
for right now the only map software that will show up in this split screen view
is Apple Maps, not Google Maps or Waze. On the right side of our split screen we’re
seeing Apple might give me suggestions on gas stations or places to go eat or
drink, parking. Below that is an interface to interact with whatever I’m playing audio-wise
right now, so in this case I have a podcast that I have paused but I could
hit play on it, I can go forward or backward, I can even see the album art on
this split screen view. And below that, if I have a current calendar event it’s
showing me that as well. So this split screen view is pretty great. If I wanted
to use the the mapping software to navigate somewhere, I can simply touch
there and I can search for destinations, get it all entered, and I can leave the
map on this full screen view or I can go back to the split screen view if I want
to see multiple things going on at once. Let’s talk about that album art for a
second. This applies to podcasts, it applies to music playing on Spotify or
Apple Music or whatever your music app of choice is, even Sirius XM with channel
art, so before the album art would appear in the background kind of blurred. In
fact, it’s still doing that, you can see that here. However, you’ve also got a nice
brilliant version of the album art so you can clearly see the art
for what you are listening to, again whether it’s music, podcasts, or anything
else. One of my favorite updates on the new CarPlay is the ability for two
things to be happening at the same time. On the old CarPlay, if you were, say,
interfacing with your Spotify app, you would pull up your Spotify app on your
phone, maybe if if you had your phone mounted on your dash where you could see
it. If you go to Spotify here you’d be looking at Spotify on your phone as well.
Now you can have two different things going on at the same time, and here’s how
I would suggest using that. Maybe the driver is using Apple Maps to navigate
to a new destination, and maybe the passenger might like to change songs or
search for a new artist to listen to on Spotify or Apple music. Well, now that can
be done. The passenger can be over here searching for a song to play, while the
maps screen is still on display for the driver to see. This was not possible in
the old CarPlay. It is a big-time upgrade that I think is going to prove
very useful to be able to have something separate going on on your iPhone screen
than what’s going on on the CarPlay screen. So the radio I’m doing this on
here in this truck is a JVC, it is the KW-V950BW and it is a
wireless CarPlay radio. You may have noticed these phones are not plugged in
to this radio. Now I do have that option, this can do wired CarPlay if I wanted
to plug it in, which would be smart especially if I’m on a long drive
because that would keep my phone charged while doing all of this cool stuff on my
drive, however if I’ve just got a quick drive to the store or a short commute to
work I may not always want to plug my phone in, and so a lot of radios now do
CarPlay wirelessly. It connects to the phone using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, and it’s
pretty seamless once you get your phone working with the radio, just comes right
up when you get in and it’s just wonderful to have it work so simply.
There is one thing you should know when installing a radio like this, there’s
going to be a couple extra wires over and above a standard basic car stereo.
Because it has a touchscreen, there’s a backup camera, you might have a reverse
wire so that the radio knows when you’re backing up and switches to the camera
input, there’s a parking brake wire to make sure that the radio knows when
you’re parked and when you’re driving, so that it cansafely display
video only when you are parked, and there’s a vehicle speed
sensor wire which that combined with a GPS antenna helps the mapping
applications on your phone to be more accurate to more accurately know your
position, and where you are in the road and where you’re going. So in some radios
with wireless CarPlay you will have to connect the vehicle speed sensor wire.
It’s not a huge deal, but it will have to be done if you want to go completely
wireless with CarPlay. Need to help doing that
after you purchase your radio from Crutchfield? You get free lifetime tech
support. Just call us, our tech support people
will get you through it. So those are the updates to Apple CarPlay. I’m very
excited about it, I’ve been doing CarPlay with my phone in my truck for the last
few years and it’s only gotten better over time. So thank you, Apple, for the
updates to Apple CarPlay. So I hope this helps you understand just how awesome
CarPlay is. I think it’s the safest way to integrate your phone with your car. If
you enjoyed this video, please subscribe to our channel. If you have any questions,
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