Apple’s New Research App and 16-inch MacBook Pro

hi everyone Aaron here for ZolloTech and
Apple released a new research app today and I wanted to talk about this show
this to you since it’s not available in all regions and also talked about the
new MacBook Pro now this is not the new one but I wanted to talk about this 2017
model versus the new one and some of my thoughts on it now we knew that
something was coming as far as a research app is concerned and the reason
we knew that is a couple updates ago if we go under our settings and then we go
to privacy Apple added a new research setting and so we’ve known about this
for a little bit and under this it just says studies using sensor and usage data
and that’s all we had we didn’t really have any other information other than
that so today they release this new research app and what this new research
app is all about is using the aggregated data that you can gather from millions
of iPhones to help studies such as hearing apples heart and movement study
and then also apples women Health sets women’s health study and you’ll see it’s
partnered with different universities such as Harvard and the American Heart
Association and then the University of Michigan the World Health Organization
and Apple now you don’t have to enroll in this obviously and it has some
interesting things as far as the data is concerned so when you first open this
app it gives you a couple different bits of information to help you feel a little
bit more confident in it so let me go into photos i screen captured them and
when you first open the app it says research and your privacy your data will
never be sold you decide which to join you control which types of data to share
and studies must tell you how your data supports their research so that’s a nice
little a little bit of information that really makes it more confident using
this study since you’re not selling the information and then notifications even
tells you what you’re going to receive so summaries of your tasks twice a week
an occasional event or exercise that needs attention the addition of a new
study and so when you first open the app you’ll get those little notifications
and so they just help you I think have a little more confidence since so many
people are selling information and things like that today and it’s good to
see that apples not doing that now you will need to fill in
some information in the upper right you have your profile so you’ll need to fill
in your name and your date of birth and email and all of this information and
then consent to different documents if they’re in here and then maybe we want
to join apples hearing study and so it says contribute to the first-of-its-kind
research study to collect sound exposure data over time and advance the
understanding of how sound levels can impact your hearing now this goes along
with the Apple watch hearing app so you’ll see I have it here it gives us
real-time decibel readings and it’s telling us our long-term exposure and
things like that and so it’s just recording what the current noise level
is around me and it will actually warn you if it’s too loud so maybe you were
at a concert and it’s over 100 decibels and if the exposure is too long it will
warn you that you may need to use earplugs or things like that so it’s
it’s just something interesting that they added with the watch with I with
watch OS 6 and with iOS 13 now if you’d like to take part in one of the studies
if you go in to learn more and enroll it gives more information about it and it
gives you expectations and requirements but if you enroll in it you’ll have to
sign a few forms review request for data access and it says it will take about 10
minutes so if we go to next you’ll see we have a bunch of information here and
it even says who’s running it as far as the heart study and everything else so
you’ve got a bunch of information here and then at the bottom after you read
all of this you’ll need to sign the document and then you can enroll now you
can also see what data is being used if we go to your data
you’ve got collected data once you start collecting data studies with access and
then you can manage the study health access export the data you can even opt
out later on if you’d like to so you’ve got that as well as a tasks button here
if you have some tasks to do so it’s pretty comprehensive and very easy to
access your data and you’re in control of the data which is great so if you go
to learn more it gives you all of the information that you need and it’s very
clear about what’s being used and what records are being used in things like
that now you’ll see at the bottom I did do apples heart study some time ago and
you can learn more about that but actually had its own separate app for
that now they’ve made a bunch of studies and put them in a research happen so if
you’d like to try that I’ll link it in the description below and I just thought
it was a pretty interesting app and I thought I’d share it with you since it’s
not available around the world it’s only available I believe in the United States
right now maybe it will be available worldwide later on but Apple has to meet
regulations of different countries so it’s easier to do it in the country are
located in first and then go from there so hopefully we’ll see this expanded
later on now as far as the MacBook Pro is concerned well I’ve been considering
getting the 2019 the new one but this is my 2017 MacBook Pro and this is actually
the top-of-the-line core i7 from that year and so I did a few tests and while
the the design of the new one isn’t too much different but the new one actually
has a much nicer keyboard I guess and has touch ID and an escape key and some
pretty significant bumps in spec specs and thermals what I did was run some
benchmarks compared to some other videos I’ve seen with benchmarks and so while I
don’t have a ton of data here I did run Geekbench 5 and I found that compared to
Renee Ritchie’s video where he actually has the new one already he ran some
tests of what Geekbench 5 was doing I found that this old one is about half
the speed of that maybe a little bit less than that so the new 2019 MacBook
Pro compared to the 2017 is almost double the speed however the price is
not double it is more expensive than this one was back in that time but this
is the 1 terabyte model I think this was $3500 and I only use it when I’m on the
go so I’m really looking more forward to the Mac Pro and I had no issues with the
keyboard with this over time and if you’d like me to do a more in depth
video maybe a couple years later video on this I’d be happy to do that but I’m
not sure that many people are interested or not I’ve had no issues with the
keyboard though and it’s actually been pretty good and I used it for a long
time as my main editing device now I’m editing mostly on an iMac pro and I may
switch back to different computers when they come out I’m interested in the Mac
Pro but that ones so expensive I don’t know if it’s that
reasonable to get but let me know your thoughts on the MacBook Pro and also
this research app again I’ll link it in the description along with this
wallpaper which is from ar7 that he kind of took the new MacBook Pro background
or wallpaper and made it fit on the iPhone so I’ll link that as well if you
haven’t subscribed already please subscribe and if you enjoyed the video
please give it a like as always thanks for watching this is Aaron I’ll see you
next time

48 Replies to “Apple’s New Research App and 16-inch MacBook Pro”

  1. I love your content and especially the quality I am following you for quite a long time but I never comment because my English is not that good but recently I purchased iPhone 8 because I wanted to try ios for the first time in my life and your videos helped me so much so thank you, sir 🙂

  2. This all is great sure, but I think Windows & Microsoft should do more to introduce something similar for iPhone users too. Don't have Mac, don't think I ever will. Thanks for showing another one of many great features in this operating system.

  3. I love the Mac, I have a 2016 base model MBP and honestly I like it more than my iPhone or iPad. I also didn’t have any issues with the keyboard (apart from needing to blow air from time to time to remove a dust particle, which of course is not acceptable ) but I had an issue with the screen not working after 3 years of use and that was due to flex gate which Apple replaced it under their replace program for free. I would dig any Mac video from you. But don’t you have an iMac Pro? Would you still need a Mac Pro?

  4. Eventually, Apple will decide whether you need to see a doctor for "preventative care", and, if you don't, your insurance premiums will go up. They're not in this to benefit humankind. Data's not sold. Freely shared? Yes. "You decide what gets shared"? Maybe. Or, maybe they're lying. Love Apple (and Android) tech, but the ever expanding health "features"' will ultimately contribute to a future healthcare industry nightmare (as if it's not bad enough already).

  5. I believe Apple was already doing this so now is the technology helping. All Apple does on the new phone is slight or improve the camera and move the chip, add or remove hardware

  6. Apple will truly change the world if it can solve the non-invasive glucose monitoring challenge. An Apple Watch which can deliver that functionality would be a dream health device.

  7. I too am using the MBP 2017 13” i7 and would love to hear your thoughts compared to the 2019 13”
    The research app is too much of a hassle besides I don’t think it’s available in my region … Jordan 🇯🇴 Middle East !!
    Hope to watch your MBP comparison soon
    Cheers 🍻

  8. Zollotech I heard the 2015 MacBook Pro and earlier were the best laptops made by Apple. I have 2017 MacBook Pro and it’s fine but heard so many issues with keyboard and other issues. Do you agreed with that statement? May be worth people buying MacBook off eBay that are older for cheep

  9. When are people going to understand their data is gold, NN ever ever believe anynTech company claiming not tomsell or use your data.

  10. Awesome giving a shout of to Rene Richie. Dudes legit on the "meta" beta on apple and the nuances. You are still my go to guy though! no disrespect to Rene!

  11. Wallet app is here but Apple pay is not in india

    iBooks is here but audio books is not in india

    Research settings are here but app is not in india

    🤔either give us the full experience or don’t launch at all

    There no compromise on price of the new phones
    But there are compromises on new features 😒

  12. What would you reccomend macbook pro i7 or i9, 16gb or 32gb ram ,5300m or 5500m.i use photoshop for digitalpainting i cant deside Can you please give me some advice ??

  13. Get the 16” MacBook Pro 2019 to replace your old 2017 15” MacBook Pro model cause it’s old and outdated. Trust me you won’t regret it. Your laptop aka the 16” MacBook Pro 2019 needs to be future proof specs so that it cannot be outdated.

  14. Am so happy to watch this channel everytime. Mr. Aaron pinpoints to the exact details all the time. #ResearchApp #AppleWatch #iPhone. Shoutout to #zollotech

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