Applitools Overview

In today’s digital world, applications
and websites are basically the face of the business. With the devices and
browsers and screen resolutions and operating systems, it becomes impossible to validate the correctness manually. Applitools provides a complete and
end-to-end solution to perform large-scale automated visual testing and
monitoring. We spent years of research and development of sophisticated
algorithms that can detect bugs and differences, algorithms that can handle
even the most complex and dynamic web applications and mobile applications.
Emulating human vision is a very very complicated task. The reason I started Applitools was because I needed a tool like that and there were none to be found. All
the big vendors at the time told me that this cannot be done. One thing that is
unique about our computer vision technology is that it doesn’t require
any calibration or tuning. It just works out of the box what excites us so much
is that we’re changing the face of software engineering around the world

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