Apps Every 360 Photographer Should Own

360 Photographer
  1. The first app you’re going to need is a good all around 360 video editor for mobile and the one I found to be the most consistently excellent on both platforms has been VEER EDITOR. This app is free and it was made by our good friends at VEER, and they make it so easy to edit a full 360 video without having to go to your computer, this is a workflow that normally takes hours and hours, if not a day or two, and to be able to edit a full 360 video from beginning to end on your phone using only your thumbs is pretty damn incredible, not only can you edit videos, but you can add photos into your video sequences, you can do all the basic stuff that a video edit might require you can add text, stickers, transitions, it’s really good for basic mobile 360 video editing. You won’t want to go above 4K, because phones can’t really handle editing above 4K yet but regardless for 4K footage, this will give you an excellent result and save you a ton of time. You will want to edit on computer in Premiere or Final Cut if you need anything more advanced but for basic 360 video editing on mobile, VEER EDITOR has your back.
  2. The next super helpful app you may not have heard of, is called META360 and this is a metadata injector, sometimes when we edit our 360 photos on mobile, the metadata is stripped from the image meaning when you upload to Facebook or anywhere else, it doesn’t recognize it as a 360 photo and displays as a flat equirectangular. This can be super annoying because a lot of apps don’t know what a 360 photo is, therefore, it’s not saving the data within the image to tell the platform you’re uploading to that this is a 360 photo. With META360 it’s really simple as importing, injecting and exporting It takes about 10 seconds and it will be the best $2 or $3 you’ll ever spend. Maybe other than porn. No I’m just kidding. Kind of.
  3. The next must-have app you will need on mobile is a good color correction app and my personal favorite and the most popular color correction app is called SNAPSEED. I will call SNAPSEED the Photoshop of mobile it’s even more Photoshop-like than the Photoshop app on mobile. It takes some getting used to at first, but once you learn the swiping up,down, left, and right controls, you will be editing masterpieces in minutes. Not only can you get excellent control over your overall colors, but you can isolate areas of your image and change parameters within specific things, so if you have a certain color you want to desaturate, you can isolate that one color and edit that one color.

I even struggled to do that with Photoshop on computer, so sometimes I will go to SNAPSEED before I even go to Photoshop, because I know I can do it in 60 seconds as opposed to what might take me 10 or 15 minutes on computer. Every single photo you’ve seen on my Instagram feed was edited in SNAPSEED, that’s how I get those really amazing vivid colors, and this is something that’s helped me grow my Instagram feed over all its having those colors that just pop and it contrast the next photo really nicely on the Instagram grid. SNAPSEED is free, it’s amazing, so you’re welcome.


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