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Does your mobile app encrypt your data? Checked the privacy settings of all the apps
you use? Read all the terms and conditions thoroughly? Even so, it’s still difficult to know how
exactly apps handle your data in the background. You communicate with apps by tapping and swiping
the screen of your phone. And they give you exactly what you want right
on the same screen. But there’s a lot of invisible communication
that happens outside of your phone, and it all travels through the apps’ servers. As you probably know by now, all data traveling
through the internet must be encrypted. On your computer, you can always tell if a
website uses encryption by checking its URL. If it’s HTTPS, you’re good to go. But on your phone, you have no way of knowing
if your apps encrypt the data they send and receive all day long. If some of them don’t use encryption, that
leaves the door open for anyone to look at the information you’d rather keep private. For more online security and safety tips,
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4 Replies to “Are You Using Safe Mobile Apps? | NordVPN”

  1. You need a "No Root Firewall" type feature to prevent apps from phoning home in the first place. It does no good to encrypt data if some calculator app lifts and sends someone's contact list to a 3rd party.

  2. @ – The world's most advanced VPN

    what happened to
    specialty servers

    double VPN and Onion Over VPN servers ?
    NordVPN version 6.25 don't have it.

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