Autodesk Sketchbook app Tutorial for tablet (with subtitles)

All right, hello guys, welcome to my tutorial on how to use the Autodesk SketchBook app to draw This is the app that I use all the time to create my cartoon drawings on my iPad that I have on my channel It’s a very user friendly to use app very easy to maneuver around and the best thing about it is that it’s free to download Now let’s get started on the features So first of all, we have a blank white page You can see on the left side. That’s the drawing toolbar You can toggle it up and down and you can see it has a display of pencils pens erasers and brushes The first tool that I want to introduce is the pencil So on the top right corner of the tool bar is a grey scale for you to adjust the thickness of the stroke by toggling up and down Now you can see there’s another grey scale that adjusts the stroke opacity Toggle down for lower opacity and up for higher opacity Now we’ll use the eraser to get rid of the lines Click here to open the full toolbar. I’ll just click on some of them to show you what they look like So basic tools are ones that are sufficient for artists of any level and are the ones that I’ve been using to draw my cartoons Coming down you have more advanced tools such as different style brush heads marker pens, more brushes You can even paint textiles and textures which is really cool Now let’s check out the top toolbar. Now we have an undo button and a redo button Now this one here is the crop tool. I’m going to draw a silly face and show you how to use the crop settings So the first one on the left that’s the lasso, and that’s my favorite crop to shape to use Just draw around anything you want to crop and you’ve got a cropped shape. I’ll show you how to alter the shapes in a minute So moving to the right is a rectangular fixed crop shape I don’t know what tolerance means I haven’t had time to experiment it This one helps move your crop shape in different directions, left-right up-down And now the transformation button: to change your cropped images, shape, or size So first we select something that we want to crop. I always use the lasso. Let’s do the left eye First on the left is the scaling button I’m scaling the size of the left eye as you can see And the second one is positioning. See how I’m moving the eye from left to right Now trying the mirror reflection function: you can do it either left right or up down Now I’m just trying to balance out the other eye Now moving on to the paint function With the ruler function you can choose to have a circular or straight ruler to guide your drawing Which is cool when you want to draw a perfect circle or straight line Now here’s the reflector button. You can choose to reflect your joint vertically, horizontally Diagonally In multiple sections You can do really cool kaleidoscope effects with this You can also draw preset shapes like straight lines, ovals, squares Now this one here I call it the predictive stroke function I don’t find much use with it. Basically what it does is automatically smoothening out the lines that you draw So unless you have really jittery hands. I don’t see the point of this function Click here if you want to add photos to your drawing And here to add texts. Just type in the text box here Choose your fonts Colors You can even transform your text For example moving it around Enlarging it Changing its size Moving it up and down, mirror reflect it The button on the furthest right is if you want to get rid of the three toolbars So you have a clearer view of your work Now let’s look at the color palette. You can choose different colors from the circular ring Or on the H horizontal line and the different tones in grey scale on the diamond area or the S&L lines The tool on the top right is the color picker Now I’ll show you how to use layers like in Photoshop I’ll draw an eye to illustrate how to use layers in my drawing So in the right column, you can see white squares where each square is a layer You can imagine it as drawing on several layers of transparent paper So the layer I’ve chosen to draw is highlighted blue: let’s call this the outline layer Now we’re gonna draw on a different layer on top of the outline layer. Let’s call this the coloring layer Let’s change to the brush for coloring. I’m going to choose a nice green hue for the iris as my favorite color is green Notice how the color doesn’t go over the black outlines That’s the importance of using layers so they don’t overlap when you draw Now you add another layer by clicking on the plus sign at the top of the column. Now, this will be our shading layer Well, thanks for watching, I hope you enjoyed the tutorial Hit me up if you have any questions, and I’ll be able to answer them. Thanks for watching and please subscribe

75 Replies to “Autodesk Sketchbook app Tutorial for tablet (with subtitles)”

  1. It's been a while since your last upload! This one was worth the wait. 😁 I thought it was pretty interesting!

  2. Great voice over, Poh! I love your drawing videos. 💖 I'm waiting for more veggies, and of course, the 🐨🇦🇺 icon. 😉

  3. May I know what is the name of the app you are using. Seems like cool to watch. You explained it well.

  4. I just purchased a galaxy tab s4 and this video was really help! I'm looking forward to transition and get better at digital art and this is the first step.

  5. I can’t figure out how to save a project then find it & open it again!!!!! This is crazy!!!! Jeez!!!!!! Do you know how to find the images I thought I saved???!!! I can’t find the find files!!!! On my tab s4!!!!

  6. It's a shame it's so hard to find many (recent) Sketchbook tutorials and tips on YouTube. Everyone seems to be using Procreate. I have nothing against Procreate but I stick with Sketchbook because it's the one I'm more familiar with and it's cross platform.

  7. Hey do you know how to descale a picture that has been Inserted? This is for a project that's due soon so learning how to do this will help me out so much.

  8. Thank you for taking the time to do this. Really helpful, keep it up. Just wanted to say the music spoiled it for me though. The older I get the harder it is to focus when there is background music and a voiceover. Thank you anyway.

  9. I think I heard you correctly about layering. I drew outline and opened another layer but my coloring isn't staying inside the borders. Did I miss a step? Thanks

  10. I didn’t quite understand the paint function part that you tried to explain.. still don’t know how to use it

  11. I guess I just wasn't made for these times . It turns out using a pencil or pen is much less frustrating than electronic drawing .

  12. I love to hear more from u regarding this app, can you tell me how you recorded the video ? Is it the inbuilt screen recording or you used any external app?

  13. Very thorough video the music didn’t bother me at all. I noticed that you have an extra pencil is that an add on because I don’t have the one you are using? Yours Seem sharper. Thanks I’m a new sub.

  14. Im using the app on iphone 8+ and its great, but is there a way to rotate the tools to landscape?

    I rotate my phone to landscape but the tools don't seem to follow and thus stays in the portrait setup

  15. Thanks so much! I really enjoyed the layer tutorial. I think the music is really nice too btw. P.S you sound like a nice grandma in a good way. Like the type that bakes cookies and gives hugs. I think you’re really precious

  16. Is there an easier way to resize and reangle the picture, like zooming in and out. Also I'm doing this on Windows PC

  17. Here’s a fun tip or hack if your board write on pintrest or safari/google coloring book and your fave movie (if you want) or mandala I like to use pintrest because it looks little better then just add the picture in the autodesk and draw or you can just fill it up if your lazy no need thanks I love doing it on drive trips in school or wen I’m just board your welcome 😜❤️

  18. Hey I’m pretty new to the game and I have some white pen on my art and don’t know how to get rid of it I’ve tried drawing over it but it doesn’t work so if you know please help.

  19. Excuse me? I wanted to ask how do you duplicate and eye for instance.
    For example, you got one eye right and you want to duplicate that one and flip it to replace the eye that you couldn't get right. How would you do that?

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