Bad habits are like a software program in your brain – Learn how to rewire your neuropathways😎🚴

Are you tired of buying a gym membership and
never actually going? Watch till the end to know how and why? You can read a quote, watch a motivational
video or read self-help books everyday. But motivation is fleeting. You lose it soon enough and fall back to old
habits. Do you know why? Bad habits are like software programs or an
app running in your brain. According to neuroscience these are called
neuropathways. The more often you perform an action or behave
a certain way, the more it gets physically wired into your brain. Just like the persistent apps in your phone
that cannot be uninstalled, these neuropathways that have been triggered multiple number of
times are very hard to delete. However, if you understand how to root your
mobile, you can easily uninstall persistent apps. Similarly if you understand how the operating
system of your brain works, you can easily get rid of bad habits. Every time you take an action or you think
a thought a message is transmitted between two neurons. The message that travels the same path again
& again begins to transmit faster & faster. With enough repetition these behavior becomes
automatic, forming a habit. The only way to delete a bad habit is by installing
a new one, by replacing old programming with new programming through repeated action. Focusing on quitting is like giving the bad
habit energy to persist. What you resist persists. Energy flows where focus goes. So, don’t energize what you want to leave
behind. Start focusing on what you want to build instead. For example, If you are trying to change unhealthy
food patterns. Start by eating 1 healthy snack everyday. If you want to quit smoking, start by doing
breathing exercises everyday for 10 minutes. If you are trying to control mobile phone
usage or social media addiction, then start by trying to read 1 book or invest 30 minutes
trying to learn about something interesting. If you are trying to control eating outside,
start by trying to eat home cooked meals thrice a week. Remember it is all about replacing bad habits
not breaking them. Also, remember to start small, for any change
to be permanent and long lasting we need to start small and slowly take it to the desired
frequency. For example, if you want to go to a gym and
lose weight. One day you get up all motivated, go and buy
a membership and exercise for 2 hours. You are likely to quit within first 7-10 days,
most people quit within 3 and very few have the courage and will power to sustain such
a big change for longer periods of time. The sustainable way to do this will be, to
start running for 20 minutes daily and then go for the gym membership when you can do
this for a week or 10 days. Add 10 minutes to your exercise routine every
3-5 days and slowly take it to your desired frequency. To sum up, bad habits are like a software
program that needs to be replaced with new programming so start small and slowly add
ten minutes to your routine to bring the desired change. Subscribe to my channel and remember to hit
the bell icon. Like & comment about what bad habits are you
trying to replace in your life?

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