Bear City 3 SFW Trailer. *iTunes required. :/

I want you to help me
put the shelf locks on. It’s Saturday. We’re going to put
together a baby sling. Isn’t the baby a little
young for a sling? It’s for the sink. I am the daddy here, not him. – Max!
– Got it. Picture lock—done. – Thank you. Love you.
– What is happening here? Shouldn’t you be wearing a
French maid outfit to do that? So, what happened to Carlos? Did you just hack
his picture frame? – Why?
– Tyler lives there now. I don’t want him to know
what a *** show my life’s become. Cause we’re not telling him all the time? I’m kidding… Hey. You drove right past me. You didn’t say anything. I screamed. – You didn’t scream very loud.
– Yes, I did. You are such a slut. The open relationship
was his idea, remember? Gross. Hi! Baby sister! I don’t wanna touch your… Oh, Fred, you’re not gonna break him. – Him?!
– Him? Her? I don’t know. How did you just find me? Duh. I want this kid to have everything. An incredible life.
Two dads that totally adore him. And you to dress up as
Santa on Christmas morning. That’s funny? It’s very sweet. I need a man who’s not ashamed
to hold my hand in public. I’m trying, Tyler! I just don’t want to
jeopardize my retirement. There’s no cell service. Of course not.
We’re in the middle of nowhere! Really? I’m yours? Yep. Oh my god!
Best party ever! Did you eat a clown’s ***? Being with you again
is really beautiful. I need a drink.
Make me a Bloody Mary. – It’s 10am.
– It has tomato juice. It does have vitamins.

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