Best 5 iPhone Apps

iPhone Apps

Google News

At the Google IO 2018, Google released a completely revamped version of their news app. They made it more intuitive and now it shows you news based on your interest. Also, it uses machine learning and AI to show you relevant and more personalized content. You can search for any topic, can access the headlines, and also follow certain topics and sources. There is also a newsstand section where you can directly access a particular news provider and also follow it. So, overall, it is a great app to get news from various sources in one place and I highly recommend it.

Voice Record Pro

This is one of the best voice recorders available for iPhone but the best part is it is also free. When you press the record button, you can choose from three different presets available which are fine for most cases but if that doesn’t satisfy you, you can go to the advanced section and change the settings however you like. You also get a short description for certain options and it also shows you estimated file size which is quite useful. I personally found it a great option for my youtube voiceovers and you should definitely try it.


This app is based on a simple concept of If This Then That and can be used to automate your life. There are a bunch of pre-defined Applets which can perform certain tasks but the best part is you can create your own from the scratch too. There are lots of different services available but you may also need to connect your account for some services to work. This is also a great app for those who own a smart home device as this can act as a bridge to connect unsupported services. So, if you liked the concept, then you can try it to create useful applets and explore different possibilities.


This is a simple app to hide your photos or videos by locking them down with a PIN. You can import photos, videos or any file in the main album or you can create a new private album according to your needs. You can also choose to use touch id to unlock the app by going into the settings and additionally, there are many useful features in this app but most of them are premium features for which you will need to buy a subscription. So, for basic usage, this app works fine and you can try it if you want a good photo locker.

Stack Jump

Stack Jump is an easy and a perfect game for killing time in boring situations. You just have to tap anywhere to jump the coming obstacles and you also get extra points for a perfect jump. The game is very simple and can be played with one hand also. You can also change characters and themes and additionally, there are challenges too in the form of different levels. So, this is surely a fun game and you should definitely try it.


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