Best Rowing Machine Fitness App Review: LiveRowing

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  1. Thanks Shane, wish they would make this available to Android users so I could try it. Looking at your review, I assume you could make a workout available in a community so all your students could pull it up on their phone? That is alway a hindrance to any class I have, especially if you pick up a new student or two. Someone will mess up and be off from the class, or it just consumes time programming the workout. I tend to shy away from interval variables if there are more than 3 or 4 variables. If they could just pull up the workout from their phone it would be great.

  2. Some useful functionality over ergdata but I will have to wait for the Android version to arrive to try it

  3. Hi guys. I have also been waiting for the android version. Hope to get the beta version soon. Like Steve, I also teach rowing 4 times a week and would be good to set up sessions for them via an app. Maybe something for the future?

  4. Good review, I like these! I know some instructors who use log cards or USB drives to program workouts into a machine before a class (I think it was the custom workouts but I could be wrong, see link below). I also need an Android version before I can use Liverowing and while I have been waiting years it sounds like that wait will come to an end soon. For me a game changer would be if Liverowing could upload workouts to Garmin Connect because I do other sports and getting data into one place is near impossible. I asked Concept2 about Garmin integration and they said they were working on it, but I get the feeling it wont arrive anytime soon.

  5. Thank you for the review. I am not sure that I will try it, because it does seem to be a bit buggy. The delays (pinwheeling) would drive me crazy. Also, based on your comments and use, it did not seem to be much better than Erg Data. The one feature that you liked, was the ability to create a rowing routine on it and push to the PM. I can see that for coaching purposes this could be useful, but for my personal use, it is not a significant advantage over the use of Erg Data with the PM. Keep up the good work, I really enjoy your videos and find that they are great help to me, in getting new ideas and keeping my training fresh.

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