100 Replies to “Black Desert ► Free TRI Boss Gear, Succession Buffs, Giveaway, Mobile App & Console Crossplay (2020)”

  1. Just when you have finished your tri boss gear … and here comes a new patch. 😉
    But hey, at least you get now "free" backups for tet attempts, this should make things much easier for newer players.

  2. It still triggers me that my family name and character names could be up for grabs, also black desert+ already works for console. Nice to see it now come to pc tho

  3. Check mine for Malay Language version.

    Edited: Quest is easy to do, just for the farming olive quest take time since need to wait and breed specials. Other quest can just party with other.
    Edited 2: They still not remove TRI accessory from last event so i'm not sure if this time they will remove the free suppressed boss gear when the event finish. Imagine when they remove before u get real boss gear. Btw this event really help us new player.

  4. im at SEA region.. it feels sad tht sea player like me cant join to contribute giveaway n been following ur content cos i guess thres no utubers who play at SEA or patch recap as detail like anders..

  5. Lahn succession still sucks compared to our awa -.- im actually mad that they didnt come up with something new for the succession. Instead they just slighty changed and added some animations and damage. Friends of mine are playing maewa, striker and dk and their kits completely changed. We Lahns just got our pre-awa buffed. Period.

  6. How do you give the skin away as a gift to someone? Isnt gifting no longer available to do? No hate at all just wondered how you do it 😂 this mystic and striker succesion rewards was nice all i had to do was login and get free rewards hahaha

  7. Since i found your channel i have no need to search the other ones in terms of bdo info and good advice, keep up the good work. Cheers!

  8. Finally found a good opportunity to thank you for your weekly videos on BDO. Enjoying them for a long time now. The information you spread is as always on point. Keep up the good work and thank you for everything ♥

  9. I am subscribed but I cannot follow you on twitter as I do not have an account and I will never have one so I guess I am out of luck. Love your videos though.

  10. Pre order Ancient scrolls (25 pcs for 5 Pila Fe) and Olive seeds now, guys. I'm from SEA and its freaking tiring to farm those even with drop rate increase scrolls.

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