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This is a really good question. This is making me uncomfortable. He loves it…It means it’s.. It’s interesting. Okay let’s start. Do you think you have ever been unfair to me? I don’t think I have ever been unfair to you. But I will get a shock. Have you ever lied to me for a holiday? No. Today’s video is every employees dream. It’s a lie detector test with my boss. With Sonali. I have been working with Akshay for like…. four years now. I don’t like thinking of myself as a boss.. lol who am I kidding of course I do. Our relationship is very interesting.. because when I joined I was very very scared of her. Very very scared. Now two of those very’s are cut. Now I am just very scared If I scold That Akshay I asked you to do this
and you haven’t done it yet. What the hell? ‘Sonali you are scolding me now..’
He starts doing this dude. How do you deal with that without laughing. One thing I really love about Sonali is that She takes a decision like this. She will take the call.. She will argue with you about a decision. She will explain her side. And that’s really cool. Sonali very rarely like…. screams. I mean I have never seen Sonali ever shout at me. And she did shout at me once and that was a prank. That day he was really scared. Because… Yes I really did scold him that day. If one was acquaintance and ten was like
best friends. I think we are at a six. Maybe five and a half. Something like that. I mean that’s for me though. I think for her it will be like minus three. Six-Seven? If it will be more than this then it will get difficult Because then he will not take me seriously. No I am not stressed about the test. But I was actually reading up that you can actually control your pulse. With this lie detector test. So I was just reading. Will Akshay be able to keep his job? OR He will get eliminated from Scoopwhoop’s home? Come let’s see! So today Akshay and I are going to risk our lives.. and put our hands on lie detector. And answer some very awkward questions. Ya it never be awkward between us.
It such a pleasant Boss -Employee relationship. That we have… Why are you looking at me like this? Akshay are you nervous about this? No
I am actually not nervous. Let’s do it. Let’s bring that lie detector! I am gonna show Sonali that! ……….. You will show me what? I am gonna show Sonali that I am a nice person. How I think about you and all. Best of luck Sonali!
Best of luck Akshay! I need it!
I mean ya I need it. But in this.. You will see some ‘tukdus’ are coming out here.
And these ‘tukdus’ are to measure our pulse rate I think. So you ask the question… and you press this. And in those five to six seconds you answer. And there are these two lights. The green light is for truth.. and the red light is for lie. It will just BUZZZZZ! There can be no video without drinks.. when Sonali is there. NO Rum is actually for you. To give you confidence. To like answer certain questions. Or to lie about certain things. You need the strength right now. Basically this thing. I don’t know about the accuracy. but ..It will give you a shock if your pulse goes weird. And right now my pulse is all over the place. Because I am very nervous about getting a shock. Everything that I will say will be true
Nothing other than truth I will say. But this will still give me a shock. Ready? You are starting with it ? I will get shocked first? Would you like to hangout with me for a day? Yes. I would love to hangout with you for a day WHAT IS THIS DRAMA DUDE!? F*CK!!!!! See! I told you I told you!! I was saying the truth! Even then I got shocked! What is this? It’s the latent truth this picks up. Akshay I would love to hangout with you But this…I am telling you man. I got nervous. Dude imagine if someone kept a word in front of you And asked you questions. You will get nervous right? Even if you are telling the truth. But I will say the truth. First time in so many years… we are dealing with the same things. Here… Are you ready to get a shock? Have you ever lied to me for a holiday?No You have never lied to me for a holiday?
No. WHAT!? TRUTH! No man!!!
This apparatus is fake! “Am I Akshay or am I Gandhi!?” Apparatus is faulty. Just because he said it confidently it turned out to be true. Let me just explain why I never lied. Cause you follow me on Instagram. So if I go somewhere on vacation I will put it on Instagram. Fair point. This is a REALLY GOOD QUESTION. This is making me really uncomfortable. He loves it…It means it’s.. It’s interesting. Okay let’s start. Do you think you have ever been unfair to me? I don’t think I have ever been unfair to you. But I will get a shock. Why would I be unfair to you!? F*UCK!!!!! WHAT THE HELL MAN! I thought so you know… I am having this out of happiness. I am telling the truth. In this case I do not agree with the lie detector. I don’t. I don’t think you have been unfair to me. While reading the question
why were you having so much fun?Because I thought.. You should have been like.. No man.. This is a dumb question. Sonali is obviously such a cool person. Like she wouldn’t be unfair to anybody. NO! You are like
‘Bohot mazza aa raha hai’ And now you are like doing a 360 degree..and you are like. Woah!!! Are you like to calm yourself down? Why? Because see.. Drink the whole thing man!
What are you doing? It’s a shot. Do I look like Sonali to you? Do you think you can be a better Boss than me? No no. I don’t think I can be a better boss than you. What the hell man!!!? What is this!? I genuinely think so. I am not convinced. No no really . Say good things about me. You are a good man manager. You have good reasoning. And you communicate with intern as you communicate with me. So that’s the thing… So I feel like …. It’s like you know.. Damn it ! This f*cking thing is faulty. You take this. I need that one. You haven’t even got it once! ‘Sachai ka saudagar’ My mom always told me. “Akshay do whatever you wish to but never lie” He convincingly is lying. Even this silly thing also interprets so. I will prove it to you. That it’s been unfair with me. Okay come on! Ask me one very obvious question. Is your name Sonali? Yes my name is Sonali I will get a shock !
You see!!! F*CK F*CKWHAT THE F*CK!!!! I told you I have been telling the truth all along. This is insane!. I will ask you a question. You lie. Then also this will say truth. Is your name Akshay? NO. My name is not Akshay. What is your name? Dhruv. I am shocked.
No actually I am not shocked.
She is shocked. I just want to say that it’s every employee’ dream that their boss is sitting and getting shocks. Not mine…every other employee. Do you think I am a slacker? Ya in a way I think you are a slacker.. because….. Even if I am giving the right answer then also I am getting a shock. F*CK!!!!!!! You know what?
Now I am gonna lie. Do you think I am a slacker? I feel you overthink a lot over one thing. Like not a slacker like you are bad in your job or something. It’s not like your ideas don’t get approved or something. And when they are approved.. You think 1000 times over them. I am like Akshay! just go for it! Oh again I am doing that! Sh*t Sh*t! This is my being! This is how I am. Who is a more hardworking employee?
You or me? You….. I lied I lied I lied! I should have said the truth. Thank you to whoever thought of this question. I actually see that why you think you are more hardworking than me. Everyone thinks that they are more hardworking than the other person. Especially with your boss. Because that is always the case. Because you don’t see them doing handwork as much as you do. I don’t think you know about my struggles.
-Exactly. Yes, because we have never sat down
and talked about that. And I wouldn’t talk to you about that. No hard feelings for that answer. I mean you could have just told me the truth about it.So no hard feelings. Maybe. Okay so now we are on the same page. F*ck it’s my turn again. I would really like to tell the audience .. that the shock is really bad. It’s not something you would want. How many times did I get shocked? I think twice the amount of times you have been shocked. Ya ya. Sonali has not even gotten away once. She has not even gotten away with one lie. What is your biggest fear? The fear of everything letting go that I have now. I feel like maybe
I won’t land in a more comfortable position later. Would you face your worst fear for a long time or work under me for a month? I don’t mind working under you honestly. Like I am okay with both the things. Because I think Akshay would be a amazing guy. Like to work under.Dude! no shock! Dude I am telling you. He is such an amazing guy! I don’t think he will be boss like with anyone. And wrong anybody in that sense. So if you have a start up in future.. and call me up . I would be happy. That’s so sweet! I feel if he becomes the boss He starts something.. He calls me over to work for him. I will still boss him around. I am confident about that. I am going to sleep so well tonight. You’re best. You’re awesome. Thank you. I am glad I got to do this with Akshay. I think he loves me more now. What will you choose Akshay? Being an important part of your Ex’s wedding? Or Working under me for the next two years? You know the answer. Working under you for the next two years. Working under me? I ll go to an ex’s wedding. But which ex are you talking about? I will go to all my ex’s wedding. No not the one! Which is the problematic one? On her wedding?
How are you feeling? You played it well. Because you kept asking. Are you sure? Not that ex! that ex. Did you see what just happen? Somebody affects Akshay so much
that it gave him a shock. No no no no no. Like this calm confident person. He got a shock. You guys have done a terrible job at framing the questions. So now I am going to take it upon myself. I am going to ask some questions to Akshay. Are you attracted to anybody in office at the moment ? Like do you have a crush on someone? No I do not have a crush on anybody. OH SH*T! I DON’T BUT I DON’T! I DON’T! NO I DON’T. I might find people attractive. But I don’t have crush on anyone. I might find people attractive. I don’t have crushes on them. Have you been attracted to any OK Tested anchors in the last one or two years? Yes! But still I will get a shock. Dude attraction is like…. See! Oh Damn!!! Even now I am getting shocks. Yeah I lied man I have not been attracted to any OK Tested anchor. I said yes then also I got shocked. What is this rubbish!? I am not doing this sh*t again. Friends just an advice. Never take a lie detector test with your boss. That’s all I will advice. No but it has been fun! See like you got over whelmed at one point. I was almost crying. Now I am still crying but there’s a different reason. He just realized how much more awesome I am than he thought. This challenge has been very interesting. Because I have learned that Sonali kinds of respects me and likes me. She said things to me on face. I am massively protective about you guys and you don’t know it. I don’t know. You love me, you hate me. But dude I am massively protective about you guys. Somebody even just try to say something bad to them! I won’t spare that person! This is been too much fun! You’re amazing!
You’re awesome! I really liked this. It was really fun.. Cheers! Had Loads fun! The lie detector did what it had too. I think our scene is really good. Don’t you think… These crew guys should also go through this. I agree. They have been laughing the whole time. Let’s get them onto the scene dude. They have been laughing past one hour. You guys should go through this. To understand what we went through. We will make the questions. Done. Let’s make this video. And then release it only on the App! If you want to see it then download the app. It’s on Playstore. I just want to say LIKE this video SHARE it with your friends COMMENT down below. and SUBSCRIBE to OK TESTED. I have said this so many times and the lie detector is like what is happening. I can say anything. I am a crazy guy! I am awesome!

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