Browser Wars

Hello World!
As well as Isaac Newton
Humphrey Bogart, Rod Serling and…
Baby Jesus
I also saw the light on a Christmas day.
It was on that far 25th of December 1990
that Barners Lee compiled my source code
and I came to life.
And thus the Creator looked upon the beast reborn
and saw that it was good
And thus the Creator looked upon the beast reborn
and saw that it was good
– from The Book of Mozilla, 8:20
No wait!
My name is…
And I can show images,
I can download files, I have links
and I support stylesheets
But you only run on Next computers
whereas I am portable.
Neverthless, Line Mode Browser,
you don’t have neither an embedded editor.
I support the first version of HTML.
But if you only work on command line…
So do I
And I run much better than you!
Allright Lynx,
we’ll see how you will end up.
In a couple of years nobody will remember you.
Wait and see, Mosiac,
who will disappear.
For now
I am the first one to show images within pages.
And what a nice graphical interface!
Hey hey hey!!
Do not copy!
I was programmed by the same team
which developed you too.
Of course we are similar.
We are brothers.
And… what was that thing?
Did you like it?
I called it “On fly display”.
Hey! I want a cookie too!
These are mine.
Then I include an address book,
a mail and news client and…
Net Meeting.
Yes but I have Javascript.
Javascript is useless!
And I have JScript.
And, actually, I have tabs!!!
I am included in the operating system.
Of course you realize
this means war!
Don’t you?
And I can restore the current session.
Don’t profule the tormapulp.
Well, if you rinestexed you wouldn’t plone.
But… What are you saying?
I can’t understand anything.
Please, respect the standards.
Excuse me guys,
I have the pages you were looking for.
Oh! Thank you Mr. Web Server, you saved me…
No no no! I’m before you…
Look! There isn’t just you…
Here… take your pages.
But… what the hell is written here?
I don’t understand anything.
Really, where does it come from?
It is completely wrong.
I have no problem at all.
It’s a website optimised for me.
We can’t go on this way!
What do we have here?
Mr. Department of Justice
Microsft is abusing of its dominant
position in the market to ruin me.
I uderstand…
What a trifle, Your Honor.
Very well!
I convict Microsoft
for infringement of the antitrust laws
But, in any case, I already have a monopoly.
You are out of the running!
[Evil laugh]
Hey! Listen to this one:
I can block pop-ups.
It’s over for me.
But before leaving…
I release my source code with open source licence!
Damn! Youn can’t do this!
Instead I can!
If nobody needs this, I’ll keep it.
What do you plan to do with it…
I will be modular,
with a lot of add-ons
and above all I will be free and open source.
Big deal!
I’m open source too.
But I am a complete suite.
I’m also a mail client,
an IRC client
and a tool to develop web pages.
Fine. And I’m also a File Manager.
So what?
On the other hand I can delete private data,
I have mouse gestures and…
…I only think to be a browser.
You are right.
So I… split myself.
Here I am, Dad.
I’ll show what the name of Mozilla is made of.
You should only stay away from Macs,
becouse that’s my territory.
Who are you?
I am Safari,
default browser of Mac OSX Panther.
Default browser?
Department of Justice, did you hear?
I see…
In any case
If Mac users will want to install a free browser
they can always count on me.
But for my liking
You are not enough free.
What do you mean?
My code is free and modifiable.
But your name and logo are trademarks so…
here I am: Iceweasel.
Like you but with a different Icon.
And I can also use your plug-ins.
Dad? Dad did you hear him?
My son…
There’s something I wanted to tell you for a long time.
My… my name is not Mozilla.
I am… Seamonkey.
And from now on… call me Mom.
[Frightened scream]
And I have also made this wonderful thing
named Speed Dial
showing the previews of the most visited sites.
Clear the way, people.
Chrome has come.
What’s so special about you?
I’m faster than lightening,
faster than sound
and faster than a potato.
Than a potato?
If it comes to that I’m MUCH faster than a potato
Meanwhile I’m at my 8th version,
you got left behind
Actualy I’m at the 10th.
I’m only at the 3rd one.
I have to do something.
Just to start I release the 4th one, and then…
And I am at the 9th.
In this case in seven months
I release number 5, number 6,
7, 8 and 9.
You see? I caught up with you
I showed you.
Mess with the best, die like the rest
But… what are those two doing?
Playing to who has it bigger.
The version number.
Wait! I’m also at my 9th version.
Actually I’m at number 10.
Well… 11
Let’s say 12 so we move forward.
Wait. Directly 13…
No. 14 which is an even number and I like it better…
Instead… I reach the 15
no… 16, just to be sure.
But it’s not fair!
How many are you making?
Actually you were the one who started.
It doesn’t matter.
I release number 10.
I stay at 10.
You are now where I was last year.
23, 24 and 25
Coff! Coff!
Hemm… Excuse me?
Hey men?
So, I have here your blessed web pages,
now prepare your user-agents and get in line…
First me! First me! Guys you are too slow…
Be quiet! You are the last one…
Come on, do you want to move or not?…
Listen! I don’t have all the bandwith in the world.
And what’s so important in these web pages?
Here’s what.
Excuse me, but…
Has anybody seen Mosaic?
How do you know about
my grandfather’s brother?

30 Replies to “Browser Wars”

  1. questo qua è geniale. Mi è piaciuto forse più che quello sui sistemi operativi. Farai per caso qualche video che parli della crisi economica e come trovare lavoro cmq, anche solo limitatamente alle discipline diciamo "informatiche"? Sai su Youtube vedo poca roba su quello.

  2. Temo di non avere le competenze necessarie per parlare di economia. Per il lavoro in campo informatico a mio parere il discorso è ambivalente: da un lato mi sembra che bene o male qualcosa si trova, magari ci si deve adattare in termini di stipendio, condizioni contrattuali o di mansioni. Dall'altro sovente chi assume non sempre ha un background informatico e non ha idea di cosa tu debba fare di preciso o non sa quantificare il lavoro necessario. Cmq non è argomento per un video

  3. aladino visto che hai fatto un video su i sistemi operativi ora sui browser faresti un video su i motori grafici

  4. Per ora non ho in mente altri video di questo tipo. Di norma cerco di fare qualcosa comprensibile anche da chi non è un esperto del settore, forse parlare di "motori grafici" è un po' troppo di nicchia. Comunque al momento non ho in mente altri video con questo format, più avanti sicuramente.

  5. Ciao Aladino, bellissimo video, semplice e geniale nello stesso tempo. Faresti anche lo stesso per i client di posta elettronica?

  6. Ciao Giovanni. Per ora non ho in programmi altri video con questo format. Secondo me funzionano solo con argomenti con determinate caratteristiche: accessibili a tutti, tecnici ma non troppo, non noiosi ma nemmeno blandi e sopratutto su argomenti dove le persone sono già schierate "ideologicamente" e discutono su cosa sia meglio (Windows o Mac? Chrome o FFox?). Potrebbero prestarsi la telefonia e le consolde, ma non li sento particolaremente nelle mie corde. Vedremo, qualcosa arriverà.

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