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FRANK BENTLEY: Mobile phones have
dramatically changed how we
communicate with others and how we
access information in our daily lives.
Mobile phones are truly
pervasive devices.
And mobile experiences must work in the
context of our daily lives, not
just at a desk.
In this class, we’ve developed a process
for creating new apps that fit
into people’s lives.
This process involves repeatedly meeting
with users and iteratively
testing new solutions built extremely
rapidly in their daily lives.
DR. ED BARRETT: Over the next 12 weeks,
we’ll teach you how to create
and present large-scale app
development projects.
FRANK BENTLEY: I’m Frank Bentley, a
Principal Scientist at Yahoo Labs.
The methods that we teach in this class
are what we apply every day here
to create the future of mobile.
DR. ED BARRETT: I’m Ed Barrett,
senior lecturer in Comparative
Media Studies at MIT.
This class will give you practical
experience useful for your career.
FRANK BENTLEY: At the end of this class,
you will have experience in
ethnographic research, design,
programming, and field evaluation of
new applications.
And we’ll have taken your idea from a
domain of interest to a successful
working app suitable
for public release.

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  1. Building Mobile Experiences from @Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) starts Monday — enroll now:

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