9 Replies to “Building the Google I/O Web App: Launching a Progressive Web App on Google.com – Google I/O 2016”

  1. Low level talk on the web v2016 with Polymer, Firebase and service workers in the real world (as: in your pocket). All code open sourced on Github. Nice!

  2. Great talk, there is only one thing I didn't get quite right. Isn't firebase supposed to handle offline by itself?

  3. It's funny how the clock in the I/O Web app keeps working after you disable javascript in DevTools.
    I wonder how does that work.

  4. This is definitely the thing which I want to spend my 120% of time for. So simple yet so great. Eric this is awesome!

  5. the popup's I'm getting about updated sessions (new videos posted), after Google I/O has ended, …, are these the push notifications?

    the reason I ask is I was wondering whether push notifications would be received even if the browser (desktop) is closed. found this from 2015. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/30054543/google-chrome-push-notifications-without-browser-running

  6. How do you deal with the browser support issues with web components? Which browsers does polymer support?

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