Central 2.2 Browser 1 – Adding a New Server

Welcome to Central! This video will show
how to set up a connection to your new server in the Central Browser for the first time. Central is a model management solution that’s designed to manage your geological data from a centralised, auditable environment. It gives you a desktop visualisation tool
to understand how geological models change over time and tools to interact with other modelling geologists,
managers, and stakeholders working on the same project. As a new user of a Central server
you will be sent an email with your login details, including your activation code,
server address, server port and user name. When you receive this email,
go ahead and open the Central Browser. We’ll use the details in your email to set up your connection to the new server
through the Central Browser. A small browser window will open. Click Add. As I’m a new user to this server,
I will click the ‘New user?’ button. Just a side note, every time you add a new server, you will be a New User on that server! An Activation code field will open and I can copy the details from my welcome email
across to Central. Then we can create a server name, I am going to call mine the Central Beta server. Then I will copy and paste the server address,
server port and user name from my email to populate the fields. Finally, I will create a new password for myself. Click the checkbox to accept the Terms of Use and click ‘Save’ to update the system. A new window will pop up telling us that my password
has been changed successfully. I’ll click OK. That’s it, the new Central Beta server
is added to my list of available servers and we can now click on the new server to access the Central projects
that have been uploaded. Thanks for watching, and join us for the next video where we open a project
and explore the Central Browser.

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