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When we first set out to create a church app
we really wanted to focus on what was important to all churches. You know, what’s that common
goal that all churches share? And we quickly realized that that common goal
is growth in Christ. No matter where you go to church, how you serve, or even what you’re
studying; we’re all in the process of being refined. At Amped Church our goal was to create a product
that helped cultivate church growth and maturity. Hey my name is Cody and I’m one of the pastors
at Reliance Church. The app that amped church has created for us has been absolutely amazing.
I’ve been blown away by both it’s quality and ease of use. This app has helped
us to make disciples – and that’s what we’re really all about. The congregation loves the
app and it’s been a huge blessing. We started with a minimalistic design that
was intuitive, easy to use, but at the same time had and extremely powerful feature set.
Which included: Sermons, a single place for the user to access all of your sermon series’,
share those sermons on Facebook, Twitter, and Email and even take notes. Blog and giving
integration, which hooks right up to your blog and online giving. Groups, where the
user can quickly and easily find detailed information on all the groups your church
offers – like growth groups, community groups, and bible studies. Events, where the user
can quickly get all the information needed. Including date, time, event description, contact
information and even directions. And much more! Amped Church has everything your church
needs to reach people where they’re at. To find out how your church can sign-up, visit
us on the web at or email us at [email protected]

29 Replies to “Church App by Amped Church – Custom High Quality Apps For Churches – Get An App Today!”

  1. I am extremely impressed. This is going to be HUGE. This church app will greatly enhance what people can do and get out of their overall experience with their church.

  2. super cool church app. love the community groups integration. do u guys maintain it or do we control the app ourselves? we had a company that did our website for a while and going through them was a pain.

  3. You are in full control of your app using our App Manager. Simply login and you can add/edit all of your content. Your app updates automatically!

  4. I'm just wondering, your company would need to be involved in customizing it so it works for each individual church, right?

  5. this would be so good for the elderly and shut-ins that can't make it to the physical church, yet want to still be involved.

  6. I've been an app developer for years and this looks rad. I'm shocked to see churches getting so high-tech, back when I was a kid we just passed a basket, giving right from your phone is huge, I think churches will really benefit from this app.

  7. Yes, we work with you to integrate your brand into your app. From there, you control all the content from our App Manager. 🙂

  8. which devices does this church app work on? most of our pastors and staff use android, so we would definitely need the church app to work on android.

  9. I would imagine you are pretty backlogged with order right now? This has to be so popular. How soon could we set up a meeting to discuss this for my church??

  10. I think it was mentioned, but I also want to chime in here. I really feel an app like this which allows members of the congregation to tithe with their cell phone, will be very helpful. Tithing should be a private thing, between just you and God and your church, and this will help with that.

  11. Wow, very impressed that you guys can offer such a high quality church app at such a low cost. Our church has been looking at different church apps for a while now and this looks perfect. We'll be contacting you soon.

  12. Our church signed up with Amped Church a few months ago. They are awesome, if your church is looking for a good app, you gotta go with Amped Church. Our congregation is in love with the app they built for us and we've seen our giving and bible study attendance skyrocket. They have an awesome referral rewards thing too, so if you do sign up, tell them I sent you cause we’ll get a month free 😉

  13. This is truly modern technology helping in the right way–helping every church community grow stronger in Christ. Very impressive gentlemen.

  14. You are really on to something here. I can see where this church app could completely take off (it probably has already). This is a tool that could be used by EVERY church.

  15. Our apps work on all iOS devices and all Android devices. This means your church's app will be available on over 92% of all smartphones in America (Statistics via ComScore's July 2013 report on U.S. Smartphone Subscriber Market Share)

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