CleanMyMac 3 | How To Clean Up iTunes Junk

In the iTunes Junk module, CleanMyMac
scans your iTunes Library to find corrupted downloads, outdated
iOS device backups and update files, and other useless data. This data leaves
you less space for the things you really want in your iTunes libraries, such as your favorite music, movies,
TV shows, apps, and podcasts. To get started,
just click Scan. Once your scan is complete, you first
get a summary of the scan results. It includes items that have been smart
selected. But here you can also view the total amount found. In the iTunes Junk module, CleanMyMac
only smart selects those files that you definitely won’t need, such as old iOS updates and downloads
that never made it to the finish line. CleanMyMac never automatically selects
files that you might actually need, such as iOS backups. Next you may proceed with
an easy one-click clean up, or click the Review Details button
to check out all the found items, including those not smart selected.
Here you can manually choose which files you’d like to clean up. Let’s go over the categories
of data that CleanMyMac finds. iTunes Broken Downloads are files
that you started downloading, but didn’t fully download due to either
network issues or hitting cancel midway through. Every time you update your iOS
device through your Mac, iTunes leaves all the updates
files on your computer, which waste tons of space.
You can delete these without even thinking twice. Sure,
iOS Device Backups are often important, but if you are in need of some quick space,
CleanMyMac helps you locate and remove them. Note that iOS
backups are never included in CleanMyMac’s smart selection. Lastly, you can easily remove iOS applications.
This doesn’t affect the apps stored on your iOS device, and they
can easily be redownloaded from iTunes if needed. Once you’ve selected all
of the items you want to delete, just go ahead and click Clean
to let CleanMyMac do its thing. Afterwards, you can view a log
of all the deleted items… Or go back and choose
more items for removal. Enjoy a clean, happy Mac.
See what CleanMyMac3 can do for you. Download the free trial today,
and check out our other videos for more detailed information about each module.

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