Community Air Monitoring Program

So I’m actually sitting in one of our
mobile air monitoring vans for the Community Air Monitoring Program for
both the south-central Fresno community and the Shafter community which are both
part of AB617. Everything we’re doing is a part of this community air monitoring
network that we’re designing for both Fresno and Shafter has really been a
direct result of working with the community members, working with the
steering committee in deciding where and how we should place these monitors
throughout the community. Taking all these different concerns in really means
that we have to have a monitoring network that allows us to be portable
and scalable and really respond to a lot of the different concerns throughout the
community. So we are operating two mobile air monitoring vans, and that’s gonna
really allow us to kind of monitor the whole gamut of all of the different
pollution types that we’re looking for. We also have two fully capable air
monitoring trailers–again, one for each community–and these are huge. We’re
trying to monitor a lot more compounds than we would with the monitoring vans
or even with our stationary air monitoring sites that we do throughout
the Valley. We also have three compact monitoring systems, two of which will be
in Fresno and one will be in Shafter. And then we have tons of new real-time PM2.5 monitors that we’re placing throughout the region, and all of these
are going to be real-time reported back to the District and then directly
reported to our website which will allow the community to understand in real-time,
24/7, what these monitors are picking up in a much more comprehensive way than we’ve ever done before.

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