Computer Terms: Desktop, Screen Saver, Browser, Restart, System Tray, Taskbar

Happy New Year and welcome to another video
in our HOW MCW series. My name is Matt Bauer
and in this week’s video, I’ll explain
some commonly used computer terms.
Desktop – The desktop is the screen that
first appears when Windows starts up. It usually
has icons on it as you see here. Some people
may have called it the “home screen” or
something similar, but the usual term is Desktop.
Screen Saver / Wallpaper – Sometimes these
two things are confused with each other. The
graphics or picture behind the icons on the
desktop is called the Desktop Background or
Wallpaper. The action that happens after a
certain period of time, such as scrolling
text or a slideshow, is called the Screen
Browser – The program that you use to “surf
the web” or visit websites is called a browser.
Common browsers include Mozilla Firefox and
Microsoft Internet Explorer. This box at the
top of the browser is called the Address Bar,
where you would enter a website address such
Restart / Reboot / Shutdown – It is a good
idea to reboot or restart your computer every
once in a while, because this can often correct
computer problems including slowness. To reboot
your computer in Windows XP, click START ->Turn
Off Computer ->Restart. To reboot your computer
in Windows Vista or Windows 7, click START
(or the Windows icon) ->then the little right-pointing
arrow ->Restart.
System Tray / Taskbar – These two can be
confused as well. The Taskbar refers to this
bar which runs along the entire bottom of
your screen. It contains the START button,
quick launch, taskbar buttons, and the System
Tray, which shows things like currently running
processes and notifications.
I’ll be covering a lot more terms in future
videos, but if you have any specific terms
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