Copy Your CNC Programs Quickly and Easily – Haas Automation Tip of the Day

– Hello and welcome to
the Haas Tip of the Day
where we cover the topics
that every Haas machinist needs to know.
My name is Mark Terryberry
and today we’re gonna show you how
to quickly make a copy of your program.
I’m already on List Program showing Memory
and I’ve highlighted program 100.
I want to make a copy of this
and call it program 0200,
some from the control I’ll enter 0200,
press the F2 key.
The control has now created
a duplicate program calling it 0200.
That’s it.
Thank you for watching
this Haas Tip of the Day.

14 Replies to “Copy Your CNC Programs Quickly and Easily – Haas Automation Tip of the Day”

  1. I read my owners manual on this and spent hours trying to copy a program. I ended up rewriting the programs. Maybe the process is different for my machine. I have a haas tl1 2011. I will try this for practice. At this point I no longer need to copy a program but it's nice to know how to do it.

    If you can I would like for you to make a video on how to machine more than 1 radius in an inside diameter bore. I need to do 1 raduis bore that has 3 radii.

  2. Thank you Mark. I am a Screw Machine guy transitioning to CNC. By watching your "Tip of the Day" I increase my base knowledge of HAAS and bring money saving ideas to work. What employer does not like that? Please keep these tips coming. Thanks again Mark.

  3. hi bro how can i copy all my proğrams in usb or dalete? i can do single but i want dalete all or copy one selection 🙂 i use HAAS VF3 AND HAAS VF3YT

  4. I just graduated and started my job as a machinist … i believe some of these are going to come in handy… they just dont teach you all the little short cuts in school

  5. Woow that is why I love the Haas control. Guys can you make a video of how to program a thread blunt start? Also a video about how to find issues with out process in turning (chip breaking is killing my inserts 🙁

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