CS 125 Spring 2018: Installing the IntelliJ checkstyle Plugin

Hi, this is Geoff Challen. In this
screencast I’m going to show you how to install a plugin that we’re going to use
for IntelliJ this semester. The plug-in is designed to help you check the style
of your code. But let me walk you through the installation process and we can talk
a little bit more as we go. As usual start at the course website and we are
going to go back to the instructions for IntelliJ. There is an additional
section to the set of instructions. Now again, if you haven’t installed Java or
IntelliJ at this point please go back and start with Java, then get IntelliJ
installed, at which point you can install the plugin. I’m only going to demo this
on Mac because the process is essentially identical on both machines.
So the first thing I need to do is and actually install the download the
plugin itself. So this plugin is not available from the plugin repositories
that are configured for IntelliJ. (Note tat it is now.) So we’re just going to download it directly
from the website. Use the link in our instructions and download the latest
version of this plugin. At the time of this recording in early January 2018 this was
version 5 16.1. Maybe newer versions will come out during the semester. I don’t
think that this is going to be an issue, but if you need to upgrade or we need to
upgrade you to avoid some problems we’ll let you know. Once you have the plug-in
downloaded the way to install it is pretty simple. So you fire up IntelliJ, or if you’re already in a project you can close the project to get back to
this main IntelliJ screen. Down here at the bottom there’s a button called
configure and if I click on the spinner by that I see a plugins option. So I open
up the plugins menu and down here at the bottom there’s an option to install
plugin from disk. That’s what I’m going to do. So I’m going to go back here and find the plugin that I just downloaded. This is my checkstyle IDEA plugin. And that’s it. Once I’ve clicked that button there’s an option to restart
IntelliJ so the plug-in is available. Let’s do that. Once IntelliJ restarts
what you’re going to see after the splash screen is I can go back to that
plugins menu and verify that the plugin was installed properly. So I can see it
here now in my list checkstyle IDEA and we’re done. And that’s it:It’s quite simple. Checkstyle is an important part of what
we’re going to do this semester. There will be points available on each
assignment for conforming to our checkstyle guidelines. There’s more information
about that on the website. But it’s really important that you have this
plugin installed so that IntelliJ will help you see problems with checkstyle in your code, so that you can fix them and earn full points on the MPs.
(Captioned by Geoff Challen)

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