Custom iPhone App Layouts for 2020! (CHANGE APP ICONS)

what’s up you guys that your adventure
welcome back to my channel I am literally sitting in my office hardly
any makeup on in a sweatshirt in a blanket because I just wanted to film
this video so randomly spur the moment I was like messing around on my phone
trying to kind of customize a new background and my apps cuz you guys know
I’m obsessed with customizing my app iPhones and just my backgrounds and
everything and I was like why am I not recording this so that I can help you
guys make us super sick super cool anesthetic 2020 foam so I’m gonna show
you how I got my phone to look like this and you can also take these tips and
tricks and basically customize it however you want so yeah but before I
get into it I have a quick announcement this awesome tech company that I worked
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guys can participate which will be super awesome okay anyway back to the video so
first things first I have in this awesome background I wrote self-made
millionaire because part of how I’m gonna manifest the success and the life
that I want is by kind of having a vision board and part of having a vision
board is just staring at something repeatedly and something as Sarah
repeatedly is my phone screen so if I just have a word or phrase that
resonates with me that makes me feel like oh if I achieve that I’m gonna be
so happy then that’s a good thing and that’s training my brain to seek out
those types of opportunities so I’m writing self-made millionaire because
one day I want to be able to read an article about me that says I’m a
self-made millionaire and that would be so so sweet so I’m
gonna show you guys how I made this background right now all right so first
what I do is I usually go to Pinterest and I searched like asthetic iPhone
wallpaper or patterned iPhone wallpaper and I basically just scroll through and
save all the ones that I like to a board but essentially you’re gonna pick one
that you like for your background and actually download the image by clicking
on the little three dots at the top and then I’m gonna go ahead and add some
text to this so there are a couple ways to do this you can either import this
onto snapchat or Instagram and use the fonts that they have here so I’m going
to be using this snapchat like label font because I think it looks really
cool so then I just arranged it how I want to arrange it until I think it
looks really cute and I’m writing doesn’t made millionaire woo because
that’s what I want to be and then once I finally get a cute I save it and add it
as wallpaper okay so moving on to inside my phone first you can see that I have
this awesome background I mean it’s literally of me and let me tell you I
don’t usually make myself the background of my phone I’m like not that kind of
person but I just think that I look like a boss businesswoman in this photo and
again I’m trying to really just manifest success in 2020 so I’m really trying to
have my phone since I look at all the time just be like screaming success so
here I am looking like a boss I was just like that it’s very minimal and I enjoy
looking at it so you know I don’t wanna get sick of it so the next thing that I
think I want to do is I want to have my first screen at the very top I want the
icons to say 2020 you so on one of my last videos I had a 2019 one said it’s
always really cute so I’m gonna do that but I don’t actually think I’m gonna
make these icons relapse so I’m gonna show you guys again how we can do this
so if you go to the shortcuts app what we’re gonna do is you’re going to make a
new shortcut you’re going to click you’re gonna type open app click on that
then you’re gonna click on that and choose an app so again I don’t know that
I’m gonna do an app but if you were to make an app you basically choose an app
and then here you type your shortcut name so I would type like Airbnb I don’t
know why I chose that one so then you’re gonna click Add to Home screen and when
you get to this page click on the little icon right next to the Airbnb and then
say choose photo so then here’s where you’re gonna want to go basically make
or download photos with the numbers so I’m gonna actually just make them myself
so I’m gonna go onto Instagram slide over to the store
take any photo I want then I’m gonna click on the pen basically click white
so that the background is white I’m going to type the number two okay so
then you’re just gonna save that do the same with the zero save that then when I
go back over to the shortcuts app I’m gonna just click this make it a lot big
I choose ok then click app and then if you go over to your home screen you can
see here it is so basically that’s what we’re gonna do for all of them you just drag all of these over and
there you have it so then I think it would be really cool to just keep my
homescreen fast simple but then make the Dock icons different so I think that I
want to make the doc icons just like gray so obviously in the doc I have my
messages so I need to find that I’ve already created these shortcuts from
previous times so if I go to messages and then I click on this little icon I
can just make this gray that’s what I’m gonna do add it to homescreen
take the messages icon out and put this one in I could have also made the 20 20
bb’s bottom 4 but I didn’t really want to so that’s what it looks like it’s
honestly so minimal and that’s just only like the first screen so obviously I
could keep customizing this for the rest but you can basically use this strategy
and make whatever background you freaking want okay now as a little bonus
I’m gonna show you guys how I actually customized this photo to be my
background so basically open to the photo in the PicMonkey app and then I
actually bought Caitlyn B’s sticker styled pack if you guys know who she is
she created these little PNG cute cute cute stickers I’ve used them on some of
my Instagram photos I’ll link it down below I recommend them they’re so so
cute so basically I just go to edit the photo click on graphics go down to my
stickers folder click the sticker that I want and then drag it around the photo
where I want it and then the trick to kind of making it look natural and cool
is to erase the part of the graphic that is like on the thing I’m trying to
highlight so I was like erasing it from the mirror so that it was just on that
wall over there and I thought that looked really really cool if you guys
don’t have the sticker pack or you don’t want to buy it you can also just google
any type of design and then just say transparent PNG that’ll mean that it
just is the design and there’s no like white background so it’ll make it super
easy to lay that over some pictures so I hope you guys enjoyed that little mini
tutorial on how to make a custom background in custom app icons for 20:20
share some screenshots with me if you guys end up doing this tapping in a
story on Instagram hi Adrian Finch I would love to repost but I’d also just
love to see what you guys come up with so thank you so much for watching
subscribe to my channel I do have an awesome holiday season and I’ll see you
guys soon let me so much bye

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