Debug Applications Visually – OutSystems Platform Demo

In this demo, we will show
you the Agile Platform debugging capabilities.
We are working on this sourcing
solution, and we have here a bug, because the VAT tax is not
being calculated correctly within the orders.
So if we move to Service Studio
and go to the screen where the calculation is done, we
can simply add a break point to the widget.

And further, to the logic
that prepares the screen, near the total calculation, to
check what is happening. If we run the application and
navigate to the order screen, Service Studio automatically
detects that we are debugging the application, and we can
step in and step out and check all of the varietals.

Everything is fine
with this logic. So the problem is most
likely on the screen. Let’s continue the
request to the screen and check the expression.
Well, it seems we were
expecting a percentage, but actually the
VAT is in decimals.
So we will remove the
percentage and test the application with
the change done.
If we open it in the browser
and go to the same screen of the order — oops, we forgot
to remove the break points.
So let’s continue.
The browser is presented, and
the application is showing the correct value.

Thanks for watching.

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