Docomo products M2 M3 Launcher,Apps,keyboard and language problem Solved D02h,D01h,D01J,Xperia Z4,Z2

hello viewers asslamualium
this is Mirza Waseem from Tabs Village and
today we are going to solve a very common and the major issue in the docomo products
they have several problems or you can say there are some technical settings which most
of the android users don’t like like launcher Japanese language Apps so today we are going to solve them
and today i have a product of Docomo D02H M2 Huawei which supports the Docomo carriers and the launcher currently in this product which
most of the Android users don’t Like also there are many applications in Japanese Language To solve that issue first of All
we will go to settings and open the Application Manager or Mange apps folder in the setting and through the mange application we will remove
the unnecessary applications first of all I would like to show you the
Model of the Docomo product which is D02H and it has 2GB RAM
and 16 GB ROM it is also called M2
and M2 is in data Sim
and also in supports Calling Sim in Pakistan But currently we Have D02H in Data Sim so HERE We Go We are Going tooo remove the applications and take care of the
launcher problem Soooooo ok ok ok and …….. here we go Again LOL Manage Applications and when you open the folder of manage application
folder and Go the very last in the slide bar and there will be A lot of applications in
Japanese Language First of all you will Uninstall them but first We have to take care about the launcher as you can see what Type of Odd Applications we have in this
product and almost all the Docomo Products they have same Kind Of menu like Sony Xperia Z4, Z2 and also Docomo M3 3GB Ram / 16GB Varient Now
We are going to install the Nova Launcher and we already Downloaded the Apk File of Nova
Launcher Also you can install it from Google PlayStore but for the Sake of Shorten the video
we already copied and Paste it the internal Storage of the Tablet So
we installed the Nova Launcher and the window which was popped up earlier
that was we are granting the permissions for the third
party applications so that we can install the Apps manually So Nova Launcher Is Installed and Oh Woooowww Anyways……. you can delete that apk File too but i didn’t because if i want to install
it again so I can install it from here there is an App called Device Info and i Installed that App so that We can Know total info of specification about
or Tablet or Phone and Nova Launcher is Installed but
still we cant’t see the Nova Launcher Management and to set this launcher on to our operating
system permanently we will click the home Button and we will select the Nova Launcher
and than click the Always Button and than we will follow the Nova Launcher
settings As it is or also you Can Customize it like you want and Here We Go
Agaiiinn …… LOL Ahhh finally We Did it For Now we just Took Care About the Launcher
Problem now we will take care about the keyboard we have that sort of keyboard in Docomo product but when want to type any word in English
Language we have output in Japanese Language and that is a very major problem in Docomo
Products Soooo ok to Solve this
there is an very Easy way and I will show you How to get rid of that problem So to solve this Go to the right side at the navigation Key
and you can see an keyboard icon you will click it and than there will be a window on which you
will select the Google Keyboard And after that Google keyboard will Pop Up
from behind and You will have your Output in the Englishhh
Language Woooooow Ammaaaziiing So… Keyboard Problem is Solved tooo ahhhh Puffffffff…… and
launcher problem is also Solved there is one problem remaining and that is Applications in the Japanese Language So we can solve it in two Different ways First of All
the Method Which i like to Follow that is I go Manage Apps and I go the very last in slide bar and there are A Lot of Apps in Japanese Language and uninstall the apps In Japanese language so Apps will have Uninstall Option and Some
will have Disable Option For now
we are seeing only uninstall Option and we are uninstalling the Apps
All the Apps in Japanese Language Uninstall Uninstall Uninstall Disable there are some applications which have disable
Option thou and some have uninstall option so you can uninstall and disable any application
which ever you think that has no use for you No problem is Gona Happen but keep that thing in Mind thhaaaat you will not uninstall the Launcher because you have to face That boring launcher
As default Again Soo Nova Launcher is the Name of Launcher that
we Currently Installed in our Tablet But you can also Install Apex launcher But currently we are using Nova Launcher and If you to install that launcher Manually
also you can install it like i did and I am Giving the link to Apk File in the
description and can go there
click the link and Download it Manually and there some more Apps In Japanese language
and we are Uninstalling them i think there is a problem in brightness of
the Tab I don’t think so why Ahhhhhhh maybe maybe there is a problem yes i think the adaptive brightness function is
Turned On and that’s why when the Sensor catches the
low light the LCD brightness is increased and we are turning off that function
from the brightness so that we can set the brightness of LCD Which
is Suitable for us Maybe There is still More Brightness but still i am going to adjust the shutter speed ok…. Here we Go Againnnnnnn …… LOL I think so that is visible view for you and you can see now things clrealyyyyyy…… so Ok Ok here we are Uninstall I know Which App is not going to useful for
me so i uninstalled it so i think soo we’ve cleaned our Tablet but still if you are seeing some apps in your main Menu
which you don’t want to have it you can uninstall or disable that from here
too just Click on App
and Hold it and after Holding it
whatever window is popped up there are some apps which shows the App Info and some of them will have uninstall window means any application which you want to have
in your Tab you can Uninstall or Disable from Here So
this the Second Method I think so that will be An easy Method for
you but it’s your choice follow any Method Which ever you want to Anyways
we are at the Final Step we will set any wallpaper but we are setting our Wallpaper Sooo Here We Go….. Againnnnnnn …………… LOLZ And Good Thank you very Much for your time and i Hope you liked the video
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