Doncaster SmartBus program

– There’s never been a
better time to hop on a Manningham smart bus. Upgrades on all routes
have improved safety and reduced major delays by up to 63%. It’s a bonus for passengers
travelling to the CBD, people contemplating a bus commute or just getting around their community. New dedicated lanes on busy corridors, such as Thomson, Doncaster
and Blackburn roads keep buses moving smoothly. We’ve redesigned bus stops
and made some big enough for bendy buses. Special features like tactile indicators safely guide vision-impaired passengers. Live updates means no
more guessing if a bus is just around the corner. And new bus priority
traffic light sequencing get you to you destination on time. Manningham buses now run more
frequently and for longer. Upgrades like this are
helping us to create an integrated and
sustainable transport network to keep Victoria moving
now and into the future. (upbeat music)

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