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  1. Hola! hi ha alguna manera d'importar imatges? es que tinc animacions que he fet directament amb la càmera i m'agradaria unir-les per fer una animació, i fer-hi alguns canvis tipus duplicar algun fotograma i coses així… de moment, uilitzo altres programes per unir-ho… però necessito un de millor.

  2. Nice review – thanks for breaking the news about dragonframe 4! Is there any upgrade to the camera support? I shoot Nikon and feel really limited by the live view resolution. I would switch to canon but even then the preview resolution is limited. Would love to hear if they've added cameras (especially mirrorless) and if any of them support higher res preview

  3. OH, dragon4… that looks great… I've been always wanted multiple camera shoot at once, so i can use one animation and like 2-3cameras with different angels… is there any way how to achieve this with dragon, with 1pc and 1software, or you have to get 3pcs and 3softwares running at the same time to achieve something like multiple-camera shooting.. ?

  4. Hola Edu, Saludos de Chicago! I like your work and I recently subscribed to your channel. Your camera set up and software is very impressive. Perhaps I will try that software for some of my pending projects. I recently started a channel and its at a infant state but hope to soon post some documentation of my work. Un Saludo, Luis

  5. edu te admiro, me gustaría saber todo lo que sabes, gracias por compartir tu trabajo y tus experiencias e inventos. eres El gran maestro del stop motion que hay en Youtube. ?

  6. very impressive, I learned a lot watching your video. but why is nothing english subtitle in all of your video?

  7. Acabo de ver la película de Kubo, me ha dejado tan flipado el Making Off y la película que he decidido ponerme a buscar un poco para aprender sobre stop motion animation, y boom! He encontrado tu canal. Por favor, sigue haciendo más vídeos porque enseñas un montón de cosas, así puedo aplicarlas a mis vídeos. Mil saludos.

  8. Hola Edu! Enhorabuena por tu trabajo, además se nota que te encanta lo que haces y eso es genial. Podrías hacer un tutorial sobre Dragon Frame para principiantes en español? No hay muchos en Youtube y creo que tú lo explicarías muy bien. Muchas gracias y sigue haciendo videos por favor!!!!!!! Saludos

  9. I will probably need to upgrade Dragonframe once I get into animating on my current film project. Though I don't need to (it's already great), I imagine version 3 won't be upgraded for compatibility as the Mac OS is changed. So it may eventually become buggy.

  10. bon vídeo, tinc una camera nikon que no funciona amb stop motion pro, saps d'algun altre programa de stop motion que estiga a l'altura, o simplement estalviar comprar-me dragon frame?

  11. Really great video, the software looks great too. The company should give you a kick back 🙂 Best wishes

  12. Does DragonFrame have a rig removal app. in the software? And if not, how do you remove the rig. Thanks.

  13. Ola Edu tengo una SonyAlpha6000 y quería saber si es necesserio obligatoriamente el Live View Blackmagic captura? O si no tengo que compra lo obrigatoriamente?

  14. hello my friend, i like your channel and cool tutorials. I have a question for you. I downloaded the dragon frame trial version and i connected my Nikon D7000 and live view is working and i can change the iso and shutter speed on live view and the brightness changes but when i change my aperture on dragon frame the exposure is not changing at all? do you know why my aperture is not effecting the live mode? please let me know thank you

  15. I don't know why but the digit keypad that appears isn't there. It might be because i'm using the trial version, can someone tell me why this is happening. Also I'm using Google Translate so sorry if the Spanish isn't translated right.

    No sé por qué, pero el teclado numérico que aparece no está allí. Puede ser porque estoy usando la versión de prueba, alguien puede decirme por qué esto está sucediendo. También estoy usando Google Translate lo siento si el español no se traduce bien.

  16. Hola! I saw in other videos that you use Arduino to control stepper motors to move camera one step at a time. I am curious about how you can connect to Arduino from Dragonframe software and make those great programmed movements using your selfmade equipment. Can you tell how you use Arduino and Dragonfram together? Gracias

  17. Hola! todos tus videos están geniales, quisiera preguntarte si sabes donde conseguir el manual o guía de usuario del dragonframe 4 en español, te lo agradecería infinitamente, un abrazo

  18. I love everything you do on this channel Edu! This video has single-handedly moved me to buy a copy of Dragonframe for my own amateur stop motion movies. In the future, would it be possible for you to do do a video on the lighting in stop motion and the lighting setups you use as a creator?

  19. I want to use my phone as a camera. I plug it to the pc by usb and detects my phone. But it say"s SM-J730G(Stills) i click it and it the display said *No Live View*. Do i need to install an app on my phone that can make it as a camera for dragon frame?

  20. Hi everyone

    I am having trouble and need help

    I have stated doing stop motion and I have a cannon 60 d but how do I connect it to my computer to see the pictures as I take it?

    If anyone can help it would mean a lot


  21. Hello I have Dragonframe3.. is there any function in 3 that allows me to load up a reference video, like you did at 3:30 ? great work btw, love your rigs.

  22. Hello, your videos are amazing!
    I’m studing stopmotion in college here in São Paulo, I would like to know if the MacBook Air can suport this software and if You ever know about if the camera nikon 3300 can’t be connected with the MacBook Air, thank you very much.

  23. When you have all your scenes shot and ready to put those scenes together, what editing program do you use to put all scenes together on a timeline for a final product/movie? Awesome video by the way. I have learned so much from your videos in the short time I have used dragon frame.

  24. Спасибо за видео, где можно посмотреть как вы собирали 3х осевой слайдер

  25. sir, you are truly a master of stop motion. 04:40 may I ask the model of the machine with the trails that can help camera sliding side by side ?

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