Duo Restore for Third-Party Accounts on iOS

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– [Narrator] Duo Mobile now
features the ability to restore
Third-party accounts on
iOS using iCloud backup.
Duo Restore for Third-Party
Accounts enables you
to securely reconnect personal accounts in
Duo Mobile such as Instagram, Snapchat,
Facebook, and Amazon.
Duo Restore for Third-Party
Accounts is intended
to help you regain
access to these accounts
after you reset your
device or get a new phone.
It is available on Duo Mobile
versions 3.28.0 and newer.
Third-party accounts are distinct from
Duo-protected accounts,
which are typically
managed by your company, university,
or other organization.
Third-party accounts can only be used
to generate passcodes and
do not support Duo Push.
Third-party accounts do
not include the label
Duo Mobile account list.
The first time you open
the app after updating
to Duo Mobile 3.28.0 or newer,
if you already have a third-party account,
you will see a prompt in the app to enable
third-party restore.
If you do not have any
third-party accounts,
the prompt will only appear
after you add your first one.
In the prompt, tap “Enable
now” to begin configuring
Duo Restore for third-party accounts.
You must enter a secure recovery password
to protect your encrypted
third-party account backup.
This password is the key
to unlocking your backup.
Be sure to store it in a secure location.
If you lose or forget this password,
you will have to manually
restore all of your accounts
one by one.
Once you have entered a valid password,
you will see a notification indicating
the backup was successful.
Your third-party accounts
may now be restored
when you restore your
device from an iCloud
or iTunes backup.
The iCloud or iTunes backup
generally occurs once a day.
You can check your settings
in your device’s Settings app.
Let’s take a look at the
account restore process.
In this example, you have
just gotten a new device
and are restoring your
apps and information
from a previous iCloud backup.
When you open Duo Mobile after restoring,
you will see a prompt
that says “Welcome back”.
Tap “Automatically reconnect”.
Enter your recovery
password and tap “Reconnect”.
You will see a notification indicating
when your backup has been
successfully restored.
You can then return to
the main account list
and use Duo Mobile to
generate passcodes and log in.
Note that Duo-protected
accounts may only be
reconnected using a
separate process configured
by your organization’s Duo administrators.
After you successfully
restore third-party accounts,
Duo Protected accounts will
still need to be reconnected.
Note that you may disable Duo Restore
for Third-Party Accounts
at any time by disabling
the “Reconnect automatically”
toggle in the Settings menu.
You may begin the Duo Restore
for Third-Party Accounts
setup process at any point
by enabling this toggle.
To learn more about Duo Restore
for Third-Party Accounts,
visit guide.duo.com/duo-restore.
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