DynamicSketch | Vector Sketching plugin for Adobe Illustrator

Vector Sketch Tool for Adobe Illustrator
DynamicSketch Plug-in
Mouse, trackpad or tablet
Pressure, speed or airbrush
Accuracy and smoothness
Trim + join
Perfect point + width marker placement
Real time preview
Watch our DynamicSketch Tutorials to learn everything in 20 minutes

7 Replies to “DynamicSketch | Vector Sketching plugin for Adobe Illustrator”

  1. This and your other plugins are the most awesome Illustrator plug-ins on the market. That's not flattery, it's fact. I tried a trail and they're major productivity enhancers. When funds permit I will definitely buy.
    As somebody who used CorelDRAW for years but then converted to Freehand and then Illustrator, there's one thing about Illustrator that annoys me a lot, and it's something I think you guys with your clear ingenuity could address. And that's the way points are selected. In CorelDRAW, only the points (they call them nodes) of the selected object are selected when you drag a marquee around them, not the points of every other object around them. If you have a complex illustration, it's painful and clunky to have to use a lasso or isolation mode.

    So does Astute think it's feasible to make a tool or mode where only the points of a selected object get selected, without the need to draw an RSI-inducing intricate lasso selection or go into isolation mode? It's not sexy but a real workflow assist. Many agree see here: https://forums.adobe.com/thread/856221

  2. Looks awesome. I've been looking for a plug-in like this for Illustrator. My question is, what versions of Illustrator will this work with? I have CS6 and have avoided upgrading to Illustrator CC because I don't need another monthly expense. Illustration, at this point, is really just a hobby for me. Thanks in advance…

  3. On a related note, can you pleasssse tell me what this song is? I like it, but have been unable to track down the artist… Even SIRI is stumped.

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