Easy To Use Customer Feedback Tool: Matter App Tutorial (2019)

In today’s video I’m going to show you a
quick and easy way to get customer feedback
I’m going to give you an overview of the new customer feedback tool called the Matter App
So stay tuned
The matter app is a fairly new software
that I discovered recently
and I decided to test it out with a friend of mine
and I really liked the way it works and what it is
It can be used for not only customer feedback
It can be used for client feedback
It can be used for peer feedback
it can be used for feedback on something you said
The matter app actually lets people give you feedback on skills
whether that be something like responsiveness, coaching, supportiveness, listening
So it’s not a review on your product
it’s a review on you
and how you did dealing with your customer or client
I think this is a great option for coaches consultants
and any kind of business that’s customer focused
Because matter is in beta right now
this program is completely free
If you sign up right now and you’re testing
the beta
it’s gonna stay free indefinitely for you
Now down the road they are planning on putting a pro plan out
That’ll be after they get out of beta
Matter’s promoting itself as something that is great for CEOs,
designers, freelancers, project managers, software engineers
Okay, so we’re gonna start by showing you how to sign up now
I already have an account but I have a
demo email so I can show you how to do this
You can either click sign up up
here or right down here
I’m going to start out by putting in my
demo email and put sign up it’s free
And the first thing it’s going to ask is
tell you about yourself
So I put my name in there to start
And then it gives you a choice
I am a designer, engineer, product manager, executive, marketer HR pro or other.
We’re going to say I’m a project manager
Years experience.
Less than 1, 1-5. 6-14 or 15+
We’re just gonna put 1 to 5
I manage people.
Yes I manage people. no I don’t or it’s complicated.
I actually think it’s complicated works in most cases especially if you’re like
a freelancer or contractor.
So I’m going to put it’s complicated
On step 3 it asks you to
pick six skills that you want feedback on
These are going to be skills that you
want to try to build
It has things like resilience, candor, communication, supportiveness, presentation skills
Let’s pick six of these
We’ll go with candor, communication, supportiveness,
responsiveness, resourcefulness and vision
After you pick your six skills you click the green button up here it says continue
Then it says you’re ready to ask for feedback
Now you can actually go ahead and find your peers based off your email
just like every other platform
but I’m gonna put I’ll do this later
And it says are you sure? Syncing contacts is great/
Of course it is. But we’re not going to do that.
Next it asked who you work with. Who you want to get feedback from.
You can go ahead and put in people that you work with
or you can get an invite link to share
Another thing you can do is go
ahead and skip this for now
and look at that later when you’re ready
to get feedback from somebody
If you have people that are already on matter it’s going to give you a peer suggestion
it’s actually suggesting me because of
the fact that I already have an account
which is kind of funny because it’s
recognizing at TexasTasker.com
Up here in the top is where you do your profile
You click this
You can go into your profile, your settings, Help Center or sign out.
We’re going to go into your profile
And this is where you can add a
profile photo, verify your email, add your headline
You can actually sync your photo with
Twitter or sync it with LinkedIn
A headline would be like director of
Put in a small bio and then save the profile
When you click on account
this is where you can go to resend your confirmation in case you did not get the confirmation email
Notifications is where you can change what kind of emails you get
and Connected Accounts
You can connect to Google, LinkedIn or Twitter
Now this is what your standard dashboard looks like
You’ve got four buttons up here at the top.
You’ve got Home, which is your main dashboard
You can click on Peers, where you can add peers to your list.
Skills, where you can actually add
more skills that you want to add
You can scroll down you click add skill
You can either choose from 40 different recommended skills
or you can create a
custom skill that’s specific to you
Let’s take a look at those 40 skills
It has analytical thinking, body language, coaching, code quality
We’ve got influence, listening, multitasking,
public speaking, storytelling, strategic thinking
and several more
Once you’ve added all the
skills you want you just click done
Now this other button up here is called
This is where you’re going to create goals to help you improve
You’re going to improve the skills are important to you
It automatically grabbed a few of my skills
and suggested which ones I should
So let’s create a goal
Select the skill that you want to build
Let’s say supportiveness
Click Next
And then it gives you a choice to select up
to three abilities in supportiveness to work on
Celebrating others achievements
Let’s do encouraging teamwork
And providing positive feedback
After you choose your three you hit next
Now, how often would you like to self
evaluate your progress?
Casual is once a month
They recommend every two weeks
And the accelerated is once a week
I think a lot of this is going to depend
on how often you get feedback
If you don’t have new clients and new contacts frequently
then once a month might be a better option for you
If you’re working with somebody different every week or helping somebody different every week
then you could do the once a week
Let’s check recommend it every two weeks
and click Next
How long would you like your goal to
You can focus on this goal for 3 months 6 months or 12 months
Let’s go ahead and put six months which is the recommended
Then it’s going to
ask you to evaluate yourself
A self-evaluation is an opportunity for
you to rate and track
your progress on your goal of supportiveness
Get started
Now this is one of the things that I really love about this program is it’s very visual.
And you guys know me, I am all about the visual.
In the last few weeks, how would you rate your supportiveness?
It’s gonna give you happy faces
and sad faces as you go through
Let’s say I picked the middle one
That’s just good
You can change your mind
Very good
I like their answers it’s really fun
Let’s say I was very good at
supportiveness last week
How would you rate yourself on celebrating others achievements?
I say I’m really good at that one so I’m gonna say I’m incredible
Next, how would you rate yourself on encouraging teamwork?
Hmmm. I don’t think
I really encourage a lot of teamwork.
So I’m gonna put myself kind of down
here at decent
How would you rate yourself for providing positive feedback?
I’m pretty good at that but I’d like to be better.
So let’s go with very good
Now after you get done answering all your little questions
that are personalized
to whatever goal you chose
You get something called the Advisory Council
The Advisory Council is specific to your goal
You can ask anyone to be on your
Advisory Council
People whose opinions you value
You just add them just like
you would at the front on an email list
You can create an advisory council of
course they have to join matter
to keep an eye on that and rate you
I’m going to go ahead and click nope I’m done for now
And then it says way to go
You have completed check-in number one see you in a few weeks
And put close
Now this is my current
This is my current score
This is what I’m working on
This is how I’m celebrating other’s achievements, teamwork, providing feedback
And my goal progress
Now says my next check-in is in 13 days
That’s just a fun added thing that you can do to see how you’re doing at reaching your goals
Now I went ahead and signed into my regular account
because I wanted to show you what it
looks like after you’ve asked for feedback
So after I finished doing a job
for a friend of mine Monique
I put in her email and I requested feedback from her
Because you put your skills in it already knows what to ask for
and then once she left the feedback I got that right here
Monique is really generous by the way so you’re gonna notice she gave me a 10 on everything
Thank You Monique. I love you.
She rated me a 10 on technical,
a 10 on candor
and then she even put in
a little comment here
Diana response faster than I can type the
She rated me a 10 on communication
and 10 on supportiveness
So it gives them the option to not only just do the little
bubble like you saw before
where they can do the ranking
But they can also put in a comment
It says Diana is extremely supportive she is my course cheerleader
And it suggests now that I
should work on strategic thinking
Strategic thinking is one of Diana’s superpowers
she has the ability to see the long game on projects
So if I want to I can go to my skills
and I can pick that as my next goal
The goal I’m working on right now communication
and my next check-in is actually in 19 days
To see the details
I can see that I feel like I’m a three at open asking ended questions
I am at about a six on being clear and concise
and I am about a four on listening effectively
I like to talk.
It can be really hard to listen
when you’re running your mouth
So these are my personal goals that I’m working on
Now when you’re ready to request feedback you just click on request feedback
You can create a custom survey if you want to send a custom survey to somebody in particular
or you can click matter smart survey which uses the skills that you already put in
We’re gonna click that
You just put in the email of the person that you want feedback from
You can edit the message which is
already put in here for you
or you can get an invite link to share
I’m going to go ahead and grab this invite link
and I’m going to include it in the
description below
so you can go in and check it out
and see what it will look like from the clients perspective
Overall I think Matter’s gonna be a lot
of fun and really helpful to a lot of people
Especially people that are working
one-on-one with people as freelancers as coaches
Maybe you have a bunch of employees and you want to get feedback and work on one of your skills
Go ahead and hit that feedback link take a look at it
and let me know what you think in the comments below
If you like this video and want to see more like this give it a thumbs up
Thanks for watching and we’ll see you next week

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  1. Thanks for the shout-out Diana! I meant every word ♥️. I think you've convinced me to sign up now so I have lifetime access. There are so many possible ways to use this tool. Thanks!

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