FCT: Plugin aktualisieren

FCT Festo Configuration Tool
Update plug-in Read this text thoroughly! Difficulty Working time In this tutorial, the following versions are used:
Controller CMMP-AS-C5-3A-M3 FCT Version
Plug-in Version, updated to Version Documents 01 Dynamic help in FCT
Refer to the dynamic help in FCT a. in order to obtain complete information.
b. in the event that your software version or hardware
configuration is not covered by this video. Hardware and accessories
01 PC
02 Controller**
+ Internet access
+ Administrator rights, if applicable
+ Support Portal
+ FCT Festo Configuration Tool*
+ Controller plug-in*
* Available in the Festo Support Portal.
** Does not have to be on site for the update. Glossary
The Festo Configuration Tool (FCT) is a software for the commissioning of electrical drives, controls, cameras etc.
The plug-in provides FCT with an additional specific device. It is installed on the computer.
The concrete parameters of the device are stored in a project. The plug-in version is retained when creating the project.
The firmware is on the device. It is a type of “operating system”. The individual steps
1 Query the installed plug-in in FCT 2 Query the current plug-in in the Support Portal 3 Install the plug-in in FCT 1/3 Query the installed plug-in in FCT On the bottom right, the plug-in version of the opened project is displayed.
You can find out how to update this in “FCT: Convert project”. The help shows the plug-in versions available in FCT. 2/3 Query the current plug-in in the Support Portal The number shown in the Support Portal is higher than in FCT.
In this case, there is a more up-to-date version available. 3/3 Install the plug-in in FCT FCT must be closed before the new plug-in is installed. The plug-in is now installed in FCT. To update the plug-in in a project, see the video “FCT: Convert project”.

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