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Salamualikum’ to lie, but how are you everybody did you say idea once again, peace and blessings be upon you all today? I’m gonna do a quick review on a product called Fortuna. This is One of the products my Steve Basically, what is fortuna this is actually an automated Site builder, but when I say site builder, but for the sake like it’s it’s it’s gonna build your site Will rank you, you know, you know, what do you mean like it’s gonna rank you to the top of the Google? Through a wordpress plugin. So that’s basically it’s basically a wordpress plugin through which Content will be created automatically will be created a website it’d be built and then that’s gonna rank to the top of the Google the reason why is I mean if Honestly if you’re gonna like targets normal keywords, it’s it’s not gonna rank to the top so that’s the idea behind it This is gonna as you can see this is its targets the long tail keywords You can see is fortunate is an automated website builder that works around long tail keywords That’s that’s what I call as a long low-hanging fruits like I mean Losing weight is different how to moose weight in 2 weeks is different. You know what I mean? So people might search losing weight out like, you know lose weight that that is going to be a tough Competitive word, but when you’re gonna target how to lose weight in two weeks time I mean, these are all like it might the search might be less but These are all like a low-hanging fruit It’s gonna be by intent the people who search for these are like ready to buy or confirm They are gonna buy for it that this is it this go for it. So that’s what it means actually so That’s the idea behind this product is Fortuna. It’s an automated website builder, but it’s targeting the longtail keywords That’s the idea behind it so that it can rank to the top So it clear I quickly builds highly optimized websites with proven to pull into rank content for any niche So that’s the idea behind as you can see you can use a coffee program CP offers or even local business So that’s idea behind it. So so so let me study be going to the product I’m just going to show you roughly. I’m just gonna attach the quick demo by Steve at end of the video I just show you what exactly I mean it’s a plugin so you’ll be knowing it the plug-in there yet. This is one of the You can see this. This is if you know WordPress, this is how it looks at the back end of the word presses So if we see the WordPress plug-in, you can see it’s written word watcher now once you click fortunate see this This is how it is going to be differentiated Clean clear site. You can see this all the settings are Added here, then you can target by geolocation by us. That’s actually there are two upsells I think it’s gonna target us alone This is mainly for local local targeting local business targeting by geolocation then by keywords You can add the keywords indicate automatically creates the content then search any images you want to search by online It will come me know whatever you want to search, you know, I’ll just let me search something for you See that’s my niche, so let me try if it is anything comes up for make money online search If anything comes up that means Okay, what does this make did I search? Oh, this is images make money online There slows up so basically it’s it’s such as I think looks like it suggests all the free images from online which with the images of money So these are images you can add it to the into your content. That’s idea behind it. I think. Yeah, I’m getting it so that’s the idea behind this one, I think even for Images like this. Oh, where did I saw this? Images yeah, and then for videos, yeah, I think that’s that’s the idea behind and I think let me search again with the videos What does it come up? Let’s see make money online Oh We go here we go Frank is coming here we go. All the famous figures are coming. I mean these are all images I mean the videos you can use I think and you save it it saves up and you can use it But don’t go and use these I mean the images of I mean I think again I think these are all CC ones like I mean we go creative common videos those videos which can be used on Google I mean from YouTube the reason is they’re all creative comments because these are ones we can use in uu from YouTube Because though there’s no copyright issues with that. That’s idea behind it. Yeah, that’s that’s idea behind this one I can get it So this can be used for your website. That’s ID event. So you can see this content creation and there is Syndication that’s very nice. Yeah, this is one of the things I’ll show with it comes with the basics of basic version I think it might be part of the upsell. This is something I do use it to Rack my video syndication there basically you syndicate through any of the Social platforms or were precise. That’s something I think it’s inbuilt. That’s a very good thing I think it might be part of the absolutely. Let me check that one so this is the basic idea is it’s a plugin you download it and It’s said of it to your WordPress site and you can just start creating contents and then it’s it’s gonna be out of creating websites and The main thing is to create Targeting longtail keywords. That’s the idea behind this one So that’s why what I’ve done is it since it’s gonna be all of what price based so this is the page Which I’m gonna leave a link below. So once you like to go for it, you can come to this page Click any of these green buttons you to take to the sales page and you can buy it from there So what I’ve done is I’ve put together some cool bonuses mainly targeting since it’s going to be a wordpress So I just wanted to give you more of a traffic based WordPress Bonuses, so that’s first one is auto shell traffic plug-in. The idea behind is is Websites are good, but you need traffic. So that’s the most important thing anything I know I myself have struggled so long and I come to this level I want to tell you 90% of the most important, you know part of any product It’s not the product actually only the 10% is product and 90% is traffic. So always make sure you master the traffic That’s the most important thing. So that’s why I’ve just added some cool plugins, which is going to help you with Basically, there’s gonna drive traffic from a social sites like on autopilot so that’s you can add it to your website to the WordPress side and it’s gonna Share it share whatever you do through the social media sites automatically so that you can drive traffic That’s the first thing and the second one I have added some these are like bunch of videos Which is gonna give you an idea if you don’t know anything much about WordPress what presence are really easy You can just Google YouTube search but still I added something which is gonna give from the basic to the expert level This is going to help you with the WordPress setup and the third one. It’s this something I learned from George Oh, no three alternative Aman Edition methods, which I have added here as I said, I Always promote lots of product but the most important thing always suggests is traffic traffic traffic This is where you need to become an expert. Other than that, whatever it is you can handle it So make sure you really become an expert in traffic. So even if you build site you need to drive traffic to that That’s the idea behind it. And here we go. This is one of the videos review I did This is not a free one. It’s going to be paid one, but this is gonna Change the way you’re gonna Use the WordPress websites. This is something these are certain ones which lots of affiliate marketers use that don’t really reveal it This is something called it’s I Mean, I’ll just leave it to you. I don’t want to reveal now You can it’s a paid one and it’s gonna be like 30 or 40 dollars But it’s worth worth getting it reason is whether you go get it or not At least come to know that there is something which we as an affiliate marketer use this one reason Is anybody who come to your site? Clever to a site not everybody gonna convert so they’re going to go back So what does this plug-in does is when somebody press the back button? This you can add the affiliate link or the product link to that page and that will take them to the product page so basically when somebody you know We never press site If somebody comes imagine you somebody’s in the in the page of like somewhere in this as soon as web Normally they do is they just go press the back button So what does this plug-in do is when he press the black button? It would take you to the any of the side where you want them to go So normally we put the product page to the you know The affiliate page or the the linking page where you want them to go. So that’s where this cool plug-in comes into play So go through it. It’s a video review but it’s a paid version if there’s no free version of it, so it’s worth investing That’s what I would suggest but it’s not really Needed straightaway. I mean if you can’t afford it go for it. It’s what what I Think you can I think there’s also for a few or five websites and then multi websites I think you could use anything. So because I use it around all the ten websites. I have I’m using it So that’s really useful one. And the last one is This is not again a case study. But from mush we learned from him This is something Jin helped You learn how to drive traffic monthly, you know monthly like our seven thousand one of the cool case studies Which I learned from more most very so that’s what it is. The my bonus is mainly targeting traffic I always say traffic is the lifeline so always master it product is only ten percent. Traffic is 90 percent I can’t stress enough that one I’m telling you and the other than this the board the window is gonna give you some cool bonuses. That’s gonna be Included as well. So where you get all these bonuses, okay Don’t worry about these extra bonus is what I’m giving is if you’re interested, you can join my facebook group I’m into a flip marketing and I will give you these free bonuses for you so you can check it out down in the link and Very early getting it. It’s just as soon as you purchase the purchase the product is going to be available below the below your Purchasing thing over here acts as your affiliate bonuses this way. It will be all the bonuses will be delivered to you. So that’s what The basic thing about this fortune of product. Oh, yeah I didn’t forgot to tell you about the audios as they always say out use on Are there to make you life more comfortable? So only if you are for them can afford it go for if not Forget it You can always come back and buy you that that’s why so the first world first part is going to be around $27 That the basic one which I showed you the plug-in so that’s good. It has a syndicating feature inside that that’s that’s good that’s that’s good thing the front end as this one, so I think it’s go. It’s for two years. They’re gonna have this price for the twenty seven dollars I think there’s going to be a beginner version or a professional version. I think there’ll be just few dollars difference Just go for the professional one because includes ten sites Because I am myself I’m using ten websites. So when it comes to repairs one velvet bus is not enough You might be targeting Nietzsche one like you know one for your local marketing one for your like One auto glass business one for the you know, like targeting some other business So it’s it has to be Lou so many websites. So always go for the multi one that the professional one So that’ll that’s really good one and the second one is upsell is for $37 I think this you can see the sauce tau Kia Canada It’s I think if they’re targeting the geolocation chair was telling you this is only for USA and this is for the other countries it Is even included and the 3rd upsell is gonna be like than for a package I think they are gonna give you like already a done one like 20 Nietzsche niche and it shifts covered with the keywords in content and Then the last one is I think it’s unlimited license for many websites as well as they’re going to give you this reseller license So that’s that’s the cool price. Actually normally the normally such a we the C reseller license cost you like 197 So that’s that’s really a good price I mean good price too, you know If you want to have it as your own product, this entire product becomes your own product Then you can start selling so that’s either be ended so what is Fortuner it’s basically a wordpress plugin you just install it and it’s gonna automatically build your websites depending upon the search is like what would you what keywords your current type in and automatically gets you the images and videos Which you can choose from that so that’s the main thing about for China, I think I I think I’m most covered everything. Yeah, I think yeah, that’s what I think in terms of fortune. I if you have any doubt any question just Drop me a comment below. I’ll reply to it. And if you want to go for the Fortuner just come down Click any of these big buttons here Which is down below this video and you can get the fortune on that’s it from you guys Thanks for your time. If you like the video like it share subscribe – fortuna review, fortuna demo , fortuna bonus Why not if I’ll be bringing out almost almost your video. I’m just doing such reviews I can give you brick really bring you the products which which might be useful for you That’s what guys. Thanks a lot for your time. Take care. Bye Of fortuna, so in the main section first of all, you want to obviously install and activate the plug-in Then you can add spin rewriter or three option which where I’ll do Then you simply need to choose How many and how often you want to post if you do local I just states here in the geolocation in? The queenside exception you can build all the pages that you need for a clean site in the keyword Simply click Add and then paste in the keywords subnet and save Also images you simply search for them and Then you save it and that’s it Same with the videos either Then you’ll get results like this for rankings on one page So now what we’re gonna do is go into a little bit of a sort more in-depth on the content creation side – Fortuna Review, fortuna demo, fortuna bonus

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  1. hi syed, this is one such cool plugin i feel i can use it for my wordpress site , thanks for sharing fortuna

  2. steve always brings out amazing plugins, im sure to try out this fortuna plugin.thanks for sharing

  3. Hi Syed, wha if i already have a website up and running. Can I use this plugin for it without removing data from my website? The reason I ask is because it looks like this clears my current website which I wouldn't want to do. Thanks

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