Fulbright Specialist Program

What is the Fulbright Specialist Program?
Every year more than four hundred
U.S. professionals and academics
travel abroad as Fulbright Specialists
sharing expertise and building relationships
through short-term project-based exchanges.
“The Fulbright Specialist Program was an outstanding opportunity… to establish international collaboration, understand the cultural and social life of host countries, and assist in creating a better future.”
What will you do as a Fulbright Specialist?
Share your expertise through education and training activities,
build partnerships,
collaborate with international colleagues,
engage with the world.
Who will you work with as a Fulbright Specialist?
Nonprofit organizations,
medical institutions,
institutions of higher education,
government institutions,
cultural institutions.
Where will you go as a Fulbright Specialist?
or one of over 150 countries worldwide.
Who are Fulbright Specialists?
Fulbright Specialists are: professors, engineers, executives, scientists, architects, economists, attorneys,
journalists, physicians, artists, teachers, judges, librarians, filmmakers…
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