FunCall – In Call Voice Changer Dialer App instruction for Android (old Version))

FunCall – is an in Call Voice Changer! Just Open FunCall App Choose Who do you want to Prank? You can Find Them on your Contacts Then Chose your friend’s country. now all you need to do is Select The voice
to be heard And Push to Dial! At the end of the call your FunCall credit
will update. If No more calls left? You can Chose Offer Wall to earn FunCalls
for FREE Please read carefully the offer terms You should get your free FunCall In up to
12 hours from completion of all instructions If not, just enter the OfferWall-support, And report it. Have Fun Pranksters

16 Replies to “FunCall – In Call Voice Changer Dialer App instruction for Android (old Version))”

  1. Does the person that you're calling see your number that you're calling from cuz if so what would be the point or does it disguise your number curious let me know

  2. They need to update because if i wanne prank my friends they gonne block me and if i call again i cant call because the number is the same so funcall need to change our number everytime if we call the same or other person and maybe make more cool sounds ita a great app for sure ..
    Just need to be update for change your number so you can call anytime if they block you and new sounds

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