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It’s easy to view
the information that matters most to you
in the Health app in iOS 13. We’ll go over your Profile page,
Summary page, and how to explore your data. ♪ Music playing ♪ When you open the Health app, you can tap your profile image
to open your Profile page. Here you’ll find your
Health Profile and Medical ID. As well as privacy controls
for apps and devices that you have allowed to access
your health data. Any information you enter
in the Health app is encrypted when your phone
is locked with a passcode, Touch ID, or Face ID. You decide which information
is placed in Health and which apps
can access your data through the Health app. Your Summary page offers
a personalized overview of your health information. Here you’ll see
your favorite health data and automatically generated
highlights of your data over time. You may also see important
notifications at the top. You can tap Edit to choose
what appears in Favorites. This can include
Headphone Audio Levels, Blood Pressure, Mindful Minutes, whatever health data
matters most to you. Highlights are
automatically generated from the apps and devices
you use most and show your trends over time. For example, you may see stats
from your most recent workout, the average number of minutes
you’ve exercised each day over the last week, and an analysis
of your heart rate recovery. You can also explore your data
even further. Tap a section on your
Summary page to learn more, or tap Browse at the
bottom right of the screen to explore all your available
health data. You can choose a topic from
the list like Cycle Tracking and tap to see more information. Or you can enter something
specific in the Search field, like caffeine. You’ll see data about how much
caffeine you’ve consumed. And if you tap the Data section, you can explore
your activity information by day, week, month, or year. Or you can view
automatically-generated data about how much
caffeine you drink. And that’s how you can find
the health information that’s most important for you. Now you’re ready to explore
the Health app for yourself. For more useful health tips, subscribe to
the Apple Support channel, or click another video
to keep watching. ♪

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  1. Less is sometimes more – really, and this time it doesnot apply to caffeine but the Health app in ios 13.
    I personally liked the calendar view of my data in previous versions of ios – I could quickly go back to some date in the past. Now it is impossible.

  2. MAKE THE HEALTH APP DELETE-ABLE!!!! Seriously. I have no need for it. watchOS 6 made my Apple Watch Series 3 obsolete anyways, so…

  3. I like this channel so much value !!! THANKS A LOT … I also try to create content just like this, please check out and support me : ) show some love for beginners 😀

  4. She speaks too fast. She does have a very professional approach and tends towards chipmunk type communication. A slightly deeper voice would help. She and the writers have to think about their audiences – and it would be hard to please all. Some pauses and recap even in a short video appropriate. My first reaction was that less than 3 minutes would not be sufficient to cove all main issues. And I am somewhat familiar with the app.

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