Get to know Waze

SPEAKER: With Waze, you
always get the fastest route based on real-time
traffic shared by millions of fellow Wazers. Navigating is super easy. All your destinations
are one tap away. Once on the road,
you’ll be alerted before you approach incidents. You can help others too. By simply driving with Waze,
you share real-time traffic information or you
can actively report. Oh– and when you’re
meeting others, simply send your ETA to
inform on your arrival. [MUSIC PLAYING]

88 Replies to “Get to know Waze”

  1. I can't find the option to see accidents, traffic, and cops around your location like in the old version. Can anyone help me out?

  2. Pretty cool, i think?
    I mean i got calls and massanges for a code every 5 min. and the funny thing is i didn't even registrated
    I don't even have a car, and it keeps doing it :/
    Someone really need that code :/

  3. מה זה החרא הזה? אנגלית כל הזמן! תנו לנו להנות כבר מהשפה שלנו מההמצאה שלנו והנה המצאה שלנו וזה באנגלית? יאללה פושתקים שגם האנגלים ינסו להבין שלא יהיה להם ראש קטן יאללה ינעל הבוק אנחנו כל הזמן צריכים להבין את השפה המפגרת הזאת יאללה תוציאו בעברית

  4. well I seriously "loved" the app until this last update forcing me to use Google tracking. that will never happen, so I guess I'm deleting waze

  5. waze in some part of the world is less effective …(bangkok for example) and so it's does like israel atc… so yeah based on your location. what about plugins to wordpress site?

  6. I LOVE Waze!!! But there is no place to get REAL info about how to use the app and what everything on it means

  7. The best ever travel partner. Gives all that is needed to make the travel very comfortable. It is a bank of information for driving.

  8. I like to use before leaving and once I see route or am on my way , I often like to turn it off. How do I do that easily while driving – never can find 'off'.

  9. By the way, it made in Israel…
    For all the Isreal haters:
    1) delete waze.
    2) spend your times in traffic & ask allah where to go.

  10. When I navigate on wave it always says that I have no approximate gps , even my gps is turn on and I have a data connection. What is the best thing to do on it?

  11. Kenapa aplikasi waze tidak bisa didownload di android saya,biasanya waze bisa didownload tiba tiba waze tidak bisa didownload lagi,kenapa tidak bisa didownload lagi sih….

  12. Waze is good, but sometimes when you are at a cross junction waiting for green light, The waze direction will change. Not stable. Also some time lost of gps no connection. They really need to update their software. Overall is 70% good only.

  13. does anyone know if someone can send you there waze while you are using waze? I'm mtg my son someplace and want to see where he is while i use it

  14. Hello Waze! Can you PLEASE put back the "Lock North-up" function for the map? I understand it can be set per session by tapping the screen then tapping the compass but this is annoying. Why was the lock setting removed? And why didn't you update the Help Center? Still reflects the old version.

  15. Is it too late to get you to do an update on WAZE the mosts useful/necessary info. us older folks can accomplish? Such as: how to edit an address in Favourites; how to delete an address or old destinations no longer needed; how to STOP the directions while en route; explain what "Go Invisible" means and is it good to do it or not; why can't I put in address in another country, i.e., USA from EU into "planned trips"….. I tried and it says it cannot do so over 3000 km, or something like that; just the basics please…. I don't need to chat with anyone or send messages or more complicated things, especially when I am driving but these things I have a problem with to do quickly. Thanks loads.

  16. Please add a temperature/weather feature to the main screen of the app. You'll forever be head and shoulders above all if you do this.

  17. Waze is always around 100 metres behind me, by the time I’ve made the turn it takes 10 seconds to catch up, awful.

  18. If incedent is not reported, you are not alerted, correct ?
    If no one said "there is a cop" then you dont know "there is a cop"correct ?
    I was wondering about that but no longer. Correct ?

  19. Google buy everything great including this app.
    Stop it google, we need competition. ! Competition drives prices down and creates better product.
    Monopoly creates nothing good.

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