Google Text to Speech Reader Extension for Chrome Browser

Read Aloud A Text to Speech Voice Reader (Chrome Extension) in this video I will show you a very
useful will become extension it is a wise leader longer in extension with the
help of which you can listen to almost any webpage or any page which will open
with indigo browser so first of all we will install that turn from extension so
for that you need to open your Google Chrome and then go to the apps from
there slight Web Store and search for read aloud and the first extension you
will get AdWords Chrome its name is read aloud but text-to-speech voice leader so
once you’re done once this extension is in installer we see loudspeaker icon
here this is the extension you will like this so you get two buttons play button
and settings in the settings you can select the voices and and there are
about twice is almost in but just to mention the filthy Spanish touch and
then you have the great German French Korean Latin the Google voices all or
available the Amazon voices are available but for the sake of this
tutorial I am just going to google English name here you can adjust the
speed pitch and volume awesome you can enable the next highlighting feature for
the sake of this tutorial I will just switch it off and once I’m done I will
open article and then you just press this extension
which will read along departing Samsung Galaxy S 9 gets 480 FPS mode but you
should stick to 240 FPS and 960 fps one the Sun see that it can read along the
whole article and once you select this text agentic features you will see a
pop-up window in which you see the text and it will highlight the sentence which
it is reading about so that was the extension with the help of which you can
almost read all the black pages on your Google Chrome with the help of this
extension which was called read aloud a text-to-speech voice later if you liked
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