100 Replies to “Halsey – Road To Manic (Episode 8)”

  1. Halsey!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ You've change my life with your songs.
    I always look forward to new ones. I'm in love with "I'm so Sad". Hits me deep.

  2. Halsey is one of the few artists who's albums I can listen to straight through without skipping a song and that audio from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind on the first song was so awesome

  3. Halsey. You really have helped me through so much. You are so genuine, hard working, and talented. You inspire me everyday. You are a bad ass woman and Im so excited to follow your journey for many many more years to come.

  4. You are Who you are and thats your beauty! When U make genuine music we can feel all of your Words and message! You have Pink as one of your inspirations soo you have good taste 😉😊. Still Learning is one of my fav from this álbum! Just enjoy the ride! Congrats sexy! Hope you can come to Portugal soon ❤️🇵🇹🎶🙏🥰🙌🍀😊🔥♊

  5. Halsey is absolutely amazing.. her music speaks to so many people and a lot of people look up to her because she isnt afraid to be herself no matter what and I will always respect for women as strong as her I just wanna take a minute to thank you on everyone behalf for making an impact on so many of us. WE LOVE YOU HALSEY DONT EVER CHANGE PLEASE 🥰🙏🏼

  6. Halsey is so strong and inspirational! I made a cover of her song on my channel would appreciate if you could check it out 🙂 have a great day ahead!

  7. The WHOLE album is beautiful. I absolutely love Forever..is a long time. I relate to you so much miss Ashley. You have helped me through such a crappy year. Love you and God bless!!

  8. Gahhhhhhh. My favorite part about this is her talking about the album release and I just want to effing hug her. We love YOU, Ashley. YOU.

  9. the fact that she was nervous and scared about the album being accepted and it went number one in the US in an hour……think about that real quick…..WOAH

  10. I love Halsey! She has made an impact in my life in more ways than one. I look up to her. Her music has helped me go through some of my darkest times. Keep making amazing music Halsey! I love you chica ❤️❤️

  11. I looooove 'you should be sad'!!!!! And the music video is also so amazing😍😍😍😍😍 probably my favorit song of the album!!!!

  12. I'm gonna miss these episodes now Manic is out, Halsey's journey has been a joy and emotional journey to watch. Thanks for sharing with us Ashley, love ya!

  13. And we the fans love every bit of you and what you do. Dont forget to do it for yourself too we love seeing you happy and reaching new heights Halsey/Ashley ❤️

  14. AW BB :’) your music found me when i needed it most and i can even explain how much you mean to me. you’re music has grown with me through out the years and this album is no different. Manic is truly a master piece and i’m so so proud of you and i can’t wait to see you on tour!!!!

  15. You are very beatiful🖤
    I speak arabic but l love you very much🖤l hope you read my comment🖤l love u so much my queen🖤👑

  16. God I am so proud of her! I really think this album will be big for her. I think she’s about to blow up like crazy and I can’t wait to see it. She deserves it!

  17. Songs for me never really end up with me having tears running down my face, but this album and all the ones that came before have had literal tears running down my cheeks. There is a rawness and sincerity in all her music that just hits me like a truck and floors me. I love her music so much and I love her so much just for being who she is! I hope that one day I get to see her perform live, if that ever happens my life would be complete.

  18. Halsey look so hot with makeup and without makeup btw I love you baby girl you will keep getting successful trust me baby girl

  19. Well i know she worked hard but i mean this is another nude white chick song come one where is the originality why does everyone have a bunch of nude people and earn millions

  20. Happy for Ashley 🤗. I love this video , its not that you can be the best performer but there's no doubt in the fact that you are the best performe😍

  21. I freaking love this album with all my heart. Thank you for pouring your soul into this, I will forever appreciate it

  22. I love these videos. They're a great way to show what you do and go through to create for us. I love this album I think it's some of your best yet.

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