Hide Apps, How to | Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

hi guys Omarr here with at Samsung Galaxy S10 present today this video is going
to be about how to hide absence this is
different with disabling apps where they
won’t work they don’t update don’t use
any battery hiding apps means
essentially that you won’t see them
either on any shortcut on your home
screen or in the App Store
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I post a video now let me show you how
you go into the settings menu you’re
going to display and then you go down
into home screen and then you go down
all the way to the bottom to hide apps
now you pick it up so in this case I’ll
do VLC just to show you how it works
because I’ve got a shortcut on the
desktop on the home screen even to VLC
and just to show you that you’ll take
away so you’ve seen that up applied the
hide apps setting to VLC it was there
now it’s gone when I go into my apps
it’s not there they organize
alphabetically so you can see that it’s
not there now what this’ll mean is that
the app is still running to your store
use data to update its settings or
whatever the situation is if it does
that is to use battery however it is not
so you still keep your settings in there
you have to put in a username password
that still goes on if you’ve got set an
app so you don’t want other people to
see that you’re using this is the
setting that you would use to hide them
now to go back and unhide it is very
simple you go back into your home screen
hide apps you select the minus there to
take that away you hit apply and then
it’s there in the in the app drawer and
then essentially you just reapply you
redo the shortcuts on the home screen if
that’s what you want if not then you’re
all done so that was a quick look at how
to hide apps on the samsung galaxy s 10
plus thank you so much watching and I
talk to you guys in the next one

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