Hi everyone. Welcome back to my channel.
I’m so happy to see you here today. Today is part two of some of my favorite
apps that I use to edit my Instagram stories and if you missed part one make
sure to check it out because there are some pretty good apps that I talk
about in the first video. And again, I’m not going to talk too
much. Let’s just dive into it. So the first app I would like to
share with you today is called InShot. This is my favorite tool for
editing videos on my phone. As you can see on the screen you
can select video, photo or collage. Today we’re going to work with the video. So I added this video and here
let’s see what the app features are. Firstly, you can trim the video.
You can trim the beginning, you can trim the end, but you can also trim and delete
parts in the middle of the video, which is really useful. Then
you can select on canvas. By selecting on canvas you can see the
different dimensions available and since we are going to use the
video for Instagram stories, we are going to choose the ratio
four by five. By clicking on zoom, we can zoom in or zoom out the video. We can also click on background and we
can select the color that we would like to have as background for our video. The next thing we can
do is to click on music. By clicking on music you can see there
are three different options – tracks, effects and record. By clicking on tracks you can select
the music that you’d like to add to the video. You could extract
the audio from the video, you could import music or you can use
some of the tracks that are available within the app. You could also
add an effect to the video, so there are different effects. I’m
not going to play them now here, but they can really make your
video much more engaging. And finally you can also record
meaning that you can add a voice over. This is really helpful if you use InShot
to create tutorials that you’d like to share later on on Instagram.
Next, we have stickers. You guys know that I love stickers, I use them so much on my Instagram stories
and here there’s such a big variety of stickers. Some of the
packages are free to install, some of the packages are paid, so you can just go through them
and see what fits your style, what are some stickers that you would
use on a regular basis and maybe it’s worth purchasing them or you
could just use the free versions, but definitely I would
recommend you to use stickers. I think it’s a great way to make
your stories more engaging and fun. The next feature is text. So here
we can add text to our stories. Let’s say good morning. And what is really cool is that you can
not only change the color of the text, but you can also change
the style of the text. Meaning you can include
background as you can see now. You could change the color of the
background, you can remove the background, you can add border to your text, you
can add a shadow, which is really cool. You can also add a label, so background
and you can also adjust the opacity. And finally let’s see the filters.
There are different filters available. You can explore the different filters
and see which one fits your style the best. Al in all, I think InShot is a great app to edit
videos on your phone and I would highly recommend you to try it out. If you want to add outstanding visual
effects to your videos and be creative with music and sound,
Prequel is your go to app. So once you click on the app you’ll be
able to add the photo that you would like to work with. As you can see on the top, you can adjust the ratio of the photo or
video that you would like to work with. Depending on whether you’re going
to use it for a post or for a story. Down you can see the different
features available within the app. Starting with trends. Here are the
hottest effects including glitch, grain, lomo, cinema, snapshot and so many
more. You can just go through them, experiment and see which one
fits your style the best. I think I’m going to go with this one. Under effects you can see all the
other available effects within the app. So there are so many other
more that you can work with. Next we can click on filters and see all
the available filters within the app. They have different categories. Again,
popular selfie, retro travel, nature, blogger, contrast and
monochrome. Depending on the
style of your video or photo, you’re going to select the appropriate
category and see which filter fits best to your video or photo. Next we can click on music and from here
you can scroll through the different tracks available and choose the one that
you would like to use and add to your video. You can also go to your
library, you can search by mood. You can also add different sounds. Again,
different categories are available, which makes it very easy to find the
sound that you would like to use for your video. Once we click on adjust, we
can adjust the exposure, the contrast, sharpness, grain, saturation,
highlights, shadows, fade, etc. and the temperature. And finally
we have the trim function. Here again, we can speed it up a little bit, we can also trim it and once we are ready
we are going to basically export it. So Prequel is a great app to make your
stories different and more unique. The next app I would like to
share with you is WordSwag. This app allows you to turn simple
text into beautiful text designs. So this is the photo I
selected for this app. Here down you can see again different
ratios available depending on where you would like to post this photo but
because we talk about Instagram stories, I’m going to select the IG
stories format and click on next. And here you can already see the different
text designs available in the app. They are really cool and normally this
kind of designs would take you so much time if you create them in other
more complicated applications. So this app is a real go to app if you
want to create original and unique text designs. Once you select the design you can click
on it and from here you can type your text. Next you can change
the color of the text. I think I’m going to go with the black
color just because the photo is already very colorful, but just I want to show you that there
are different patterns and also gradient combinations available. Here, you can also just transparency if
you’d like to and then click on save. Finally you can click on image and from
here you can apply a filter if you’d like to. So there are different filters available
within the app and you can also adjust the brightness as well as the blur. I think I’m going to go with the
normal version of the photo. However, I wanted to quickly show you that they
are filters available within the app. And then once you’re ready you can
click on save and export the photo. Next we have Hyperlapse. Hyperlapse is one of my favorite editing
tools and I use it almost every day. This app allows you to create
amazing time-lapse videos. Basically what I like to do here is to
film a video of three minutes and then once I’m ready with the video I’m
going to speed it up by 12 times, which would make the video 15 seconds
and this is the ideal length for an IG story. So this is a great way to
capture many moments in just 15 seconds. And these are some of the time
lapses I made with hyperlapse. And the last app I would like to mention
today is A Design Kit which allows you to add modern and colorful designs to
your photos and to make your pictures very, very creative. Once you select the
photo, you can select the right ratio, one by one, story, four by five, three by four and four by three depending
on where you would like to post the photo. Since we want to
use it for Instagram, I’m going to use the story ratio
and then click on continue. And here we can begin
with the creative part. There are so many cool features within
this app, so starting with the brushes, this is one of my favorite features. So on top you can see the
different types of brushes. My favorite one is the third one and now
you’re going to use this brush to draw. Then you can use the text feature
to add text on your photo. There are different designs you can choose
from. I’m going to go with footrace. Once you click on the design tab, you can choose among different elements
that you can add to your picture. There are different squares, rounds, hearts you can add as a
decoration to your stories, also arrows and so on. Now
let’s click on the stickers. This is one of my favorite parts, I
love the stickers. They’re super cool, super fun and I love using them. Here you can see the variety of
different stickers you can add. They are really cool. And finally here we have
collage. Once you click on it, you can see the different collage
elements that exist within the app. There are also some packages which you
can purchase if you want to become even more creative with your stories. However, I think that this is one of the best
apps for making creative stories and for just adding elements that make
them cool and engaging. So guys, these were the apps that I
wanted to share with you today. Make sure to comment below
which one was your favorite one. And if you have any other app that
you really like and I missed today, I honestly have some other apps
that I could share with you. So make sure to comment below, if you’d be interested to watch
part three of these series, I would love to do it. Thank you so much for watching today
and I hope to see you next time. Bye. [inaudible].


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